Top Celebrities Own Their Own Eyewear Lines

July 14th, 2011 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

Celebrities, especially Hollywood stars, are fashion enthusiasts, who are the spokesman of the latest fashion trend. Crazy about fashion items, they like joining various kinds of fashion shows. It is natural that top fashion designers befriend the hottest star. As fashion icon, many celebrities show special talents towards fashion and even make their own fashion lines. For example, they may design their own brand of clothes, perfume or other fashion accessories. When it comes to fashion accessories, almost every celebrities will not miss out a must-have cool fashion accessory- sunglasses, which play an important role in their daily life.

There are many celebrities who try their hands to make their own collection of sunglasses to show their fashion perspective and talent. Here are some examples as follows:


The Olsen twins show us their distinctive fashion talent. As they are obsessed with the oversized sunglasses, which is the main fashion stream, the pretty twins made great contribution to the popularity of the oversized sunglasses due to the great love for the oversized sunglasses. So, it is natural that they made their own fashion line of oversized sunglasses.


Another one fashion icon as well as cool designer comes to Victoria Beckham. It is easy to find that she always wear sunglasses. People are impressive not only by her stylish dress but also cool sunglasses. She designs her sunglasses collection 2011 and shows her sensitive taste about fashion. It offers a variety of different frame styles and shapes with stylish designs.


IT girl Paris Hilton is another one star owing their own lines of eyewear. There is no denying that she is a manic for sunglasses. She is always spotted wearing various kinds of oversized sunglasses.  She has favored traditionally the oversized glasses, but has branched out into more boxy shapes and wild patterns on the frames.

As stars become interested in wearing various kinds of eyewear, more and more celebrities will make their own line of eyewear to make eyewear that they like most and show their trendy fashion taste to the world.


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