Trendy Sunglasses Present Men’s Personalities

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If you just think that sunglasses style is about following the latest trends, you may be wrong. Apart from protecting the eyes against harmful UV rays, they are an important fashion accessory for men. The psychologist says that the kind of sunglasses a guy wears says a lot about his personality. Fashion is about the expression of an individual’s personality through their style choices. From the bold diamond studded sunglasses to classic black wayfarers, whichever style a guy choose to wear tells us about his personality, preference and sensibilities. Hence, men’s personality is revealed through the sunglasses that they choose to wear. Men’s fashion stylist, Rin Jajo, and marketing head for Luxottica India, Amitabh Sehdev give us their expert views on types of sunglasses and the personality type that they represent.

Thick rimmed sunglasses

It is said that a guy who wears thick rimmed sunglasses are fashionable forward, confident and extrovert. They have a taste for expensive things and are not afraid to flaunt. The Tom Ford sunglasses seen on Brad Pitt are often seen on the red carpet.

Classic Aviators

It is obvious that there are evergreen sunglasses- aviator sunglasses, sported by confident men who are looking for a smart accessory to enhance their personality and reflect their unique and individual character. They are often chosen by men who exude classic style and sophistication. The wearer usually doesn’t follow any strict rules of trends and believes in evergreen cool factor like that of Bob Dylan and John F Kennedy.

Updated retro sunglasses

Vintage inspired sunglasses with colored lenses appeal to men with a daring fashion sense. They are original, and like to stand out and experiment with fashion. Johnny Deep’s distinct style is complemented by the slightly quirky sunglasses. Moreover, retro sunglasses can highly present their personality- elegance and sophistication.


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