Wraparound Sunglasses: A Trend Striking Back Half a Century Later

July 23rd, 2011 by Edward Turner Leave a reply »

It is no secret that sunglasses now have more than one usage. Fundamentally, they are used in weakening the glare caused by excessive sunlight and reflection and blocking out harmful UV rays to offer protection for your eyes. Besides that, they serve as an important fashion accessory. Furthermore, it is a good way to hide natural emotions and facial expression to prevent over-exposure to the ubiquitous paparazzi. OK, that last one might only apply to celebrities. But what I am saying is that they can’t be taken only as your old eye protection tool any more. There is more to them than just sunlight protection. And sometimes their fashion value rides over their actual function and becomes the No. 1 feature of a certain type of sunglasses.

When it comes to fashion, the trends are always like a cycle, meaning one trend that was prevalent twenty years ago could be hot unexpectedly at any time. Wraparound sunglass is one of those trends. These glasses belong to the oversized sunglasses category since they have some of the biggest frames ever. In the mean time, they are called Onassis sunglasses by insiders and glasses savvy people. There is a nice story behind the nickname, which is derived from the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of President Kennedy. Because of her passion about wraparound sunglasses and wearing them in public, those chic glasses got extremely popular during the 60s. And now they are striking back.

Being on the top of the wardrobe lists of many Hollywood superstars including Anne Hathaway and Catherine Zeta-Jones, designer wraparound sunglasses are creating another craze among glasses lovers all over the world. However, from a regular glasses purchaser’s point of view, these designer international brands may come across as too expensive. For them, those replica ones inspired by the designer sunglasses are a good option. They are tagged with relatively cheaper prices and can offer similar styles as well as quality. Besides, they can provide you with as many choices as their authentic counterparts. Take colors as an example. There are such colors like black metallic, black silver, brown clear and lavender clear among these replica sunglasses for you to choose from. No less than any top brand models that might be sold at a price a couple of hundreds bucks higher.


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