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about rimless glasses

June 25th, 2015

Rimless glasses are a type of eyeglasses in which the lenses are mounted directly to the bridge or temples. Individual pieces are put together into one piece with screws, plastic inserts or other mechanisms. The connecting link between the bridge and the temples are the lenses themselves. These can be cut into many shapes and have a flat edge. Construction of rimless glasses frames enables bigger variability for the customers not only size, but also shape wise. The advantage of rimless glasses is low weight, little saliency, undisturbed viewing field. The low points can be higher inclination to damaging. It is necessary to note that there are drilled types of glasses on the market, which are extremely firm and flexible and with correct choice of lenses they can be a lot more durable than the full-frame or half-frame glasses.

Rimless eyeglasses frames are designed for people who don’t want to be noticed that they are wearing eyeglasses. If your face shape is round, it is recommended that you wear square eyeglasses frames. If you have a face that is proportionally oval, all shapes of eyeglasses frames will be suitable to you. If you have a square face shape, you can wear eyeglasses frames that are circular or curved. If you have oblong face shape, you should choose triangular eyeglasses frame. Circular and rectangular eyeglasses frames are suitable for people that have oblong face shape. People with heart face shape should wear eyeglasses frames that have wider bottoms. People with diamond face shape should wear circular eyeglasses frame. You can also wear cat eye eyeglasses frames if you have diamond face shape. If you have a face with narrow forehead, it is recommended that you choose the base down triangle eyeglasses frame.

When shopping for rimless eyeglasses, be sure to do research on the internet. When you spend time to do research, you can compare the prices of different eyeglasses frames across various online eyeglasses stores. You can visit the reviews site to read reviews of customers to evaluate the qualities of the rimless eyeglasses. Almost all online eyeglasses stores will have negative customer’s feedbacks. You should avoid buying from an online eyeglasses shop that has too many negative feedbacks. Reading reviews can help you to find out what experiences the previous customers have. If you have question, you can ask the customer service representative. You can dial the customer service phone number at the online eyeglasses store if you have question.

You should obtain a prescription from the local optic store before buying the prescription glasses. You can ask the optician at the local optic store to measure the papillary distance. The online eyeglasses store will require the information in the prescription glasses and papillary distance to make a pair of eyeglasses with accurate power. You can set a budget before buying the eyeglasses. You should not place a lot of emphasis on the eyeglasses price as it is not the most important thing. Instead, you should place emphasis on the eyeglasses quality. You can ask friend to give you recommendations on eyeglasses store that offer highest quality eyeglasses. You should write down the telephone number and web address of the online eyeglasses stores that your friend suggests you.

Rimless Reading Glasses: The Lightest Glasses You’ll Ever Behold

July 20th, 2012

Since their birth, glasses have been judged for their weight. That’s also the reason why people rushed to contacts once the technology became available. Think about it, would you like to have a pair of burden that is made of plastic or even metal on your face that is not originally a part of your body to press on your nose day in and day out. As a glasses wearers for over twenty years, I can tell you that its exhausting. Not only is the incredulously heavy burden, but more important you are so restricted in your daily activities. You can’t run too fast because of the glasses on your nose, you can’t play sports freely and as you will because of the glasses. All those things you used to enjoy, now, before you are engaged in them, you have to ask yourself, is it OK for me to do it. All due to the heaviness of glasses, millions of wearers have to deal with the burden day in and day out. But now with the emergence of rimless reading glasses, the need to worry about those questions is killed once and for all.

Rimless reading glasses, if you’ve ever seen one pair, are glasses with no fronts in their frames. The lenses are connected by bridges and screws. With such an ingenious design, the weight of the glasses is reduced probably by the largest possible degree. People don’t need to worry about things that will destroy their glasses and they will enjoy the experience of wearing glasses much more. Unlike full rimmed or semi rimless glasses, rimless reading glasses really take the lightness of glasses to another level. Once you have one pair of such readers on, you will know what I mean by that phrase ultimate comfort.

Nowadays, rimless reading glasses come in a whole provision of colors that ranges from the jumpy and light-hearted purple to the always princess kind of pink to the cool of the coolest black to the emo-like brown. There is no kind of vibe that is missing in rimless glasses. The color here of course is applied to the arms, giving more vibe and color to your life as you are wearing those rimless reading glasses. If you want to look smart capable and experience at your workplaces, in front of your peers, rimless reading glasses are really the best you could ever wish for .

Sarah Palin: Those Glasses May Be Back Next Year

July 13th, 2011

With the election year just around the corner, many candidates have already started their journeys towards the 2012 nomination. New terminologies like “Obamni Care” have been coined and debates are being held, turning the smell of the battle up again. While everybody is wondering which Republican will get the nomination this time, people in the optics business have something else on their mind. They are thinking weather what happened with Sarah Palin Glasses three years ago could reappear, giving their industry a much deserved shot in the arm.


Three years ago, Sarah Palin created quite a stir with her rimless eyeglasses. The Alaska governor and then Vice President nominee had her eyeglasses updated to a set of lightweight, titanium, rimless rectangular frames during the general election. The frames were custom-made for her by Home Optics, an upscale retailer in Chugiak, Alaska. The owner ofHome Optics went to Palin’s home in Alaska and fitted her right in her kitchen. Shen then provided as many as 500 sets of frames for the governer to choose from and helped her to narrow down to 5 sets. The ultimate winner was picked with the help of Gov. Palin’s family. Joy Leedham, the owner of Home Optics, commented on the new look, saying that the new frames helped Gov. Palin look fashion-forward.

After only a couple of public appearances, these specs caught attention. Italle, the U.S. distributor of the frames’ Japanese Designer Kazuo Kawasaki, said they kept getting phone calls from dealers who are eager to stock the exact same shape and style that Gov. Palin was wearing. Women everywhere were asking, “Where did she get those glasses? They look so good her. I want to find them.” Gov. Palin was certainly not the first famous woman who had worn eyeglasses, however, it had been quite a while since the last time someone had given the optical industry a shot in the arm like she had done. With the craze building up alongside the general election, insiders of the optical business were only wondering what would happen if she had won.

Well, as history went, she didn’t win, which suddenly stopped the short-lived boom she had given to the eyeglasses business. After the election of Barrack Obama, T-shirts with his face or his campaign slogan are everywhere on the street, announcing politicians’ huge influence in the fashion field.

2012 will be which party’s lucky year is still unknown. What is known is no matter how far Gov. Sarah Palin will go this time, you are sure to see these glasses again.

Pros and Cons of Rimless Glasses Frames

May 12th, 2011

Rimless glasses frames have attract a lot of people especially those who have strong prescription due to certain features. With convenience and comfort, these rimless glasses will become more and more popular worldwide. Here you will know more about rimless glasses frames through their advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Pros-The most attractive feature of rimless glasses frames is their light weight. Compared with other glasses frames, they are much more lightweight and greatly ease the pressure on the bridge of nose and eyes. They are also available for people who have strong prescription. As we know, the stronger prescription is, the heavier glasses are. So people who suffer high myopia can get relieved with the help of rimless eyeglasses frames. Moreover, there are no frames that will distract your eyes to see objects and have a wider view. What’s more, rimless glasses frames are helpful to make us look elegant and sophisticated. For example, wearing different styles of rimless eyeglasses show different kind of image and personality. Elegant and neat looking glasses make you look professional. A dark colored one can make you look rugged, sexy or sophisticated.


Cons-Their price is higher than other glasses frames because of the detail that goes into this style. In fact, the rimless style needs more work and time. So making this kind of style is more time-consuming. Besides, the lenses can gradually disintegrate on the side where the screws are situated and finally the lenses can drop. Once you loose out the lens from the frame, you’ll not be capable to put it back easily so you need take care of them


As the stated above, rimless glasses frames have pros and cons like other frames styles. If you are annoyed by heavy glasses, rimless glasses will be your ideal choice. These frames make you have less pressure as well as better appearance.

A Fresh Complexion of Rimless Eyeglasses

January 7th, 2011

As we all know, with accumulation of rich traditions and forever modern designs, Swarovski crystal are famous around the world. And with time going, the charm of Swarovski permeates all aspects of fashionable decoration. Lights decorated by a Swarovski crystal shake the world; Clothing embellished by Swarovski crystal is leading the fashion. Besides, watches and jewelry inlaid with Swarovski crystals also become a rush of high-end luxury goods.

In recent years, the pioneer of rimless eyeglasses launches rimless frames with Swarovski crystal. Immediately, they draw attention from modern fashionable persons.  The trend of wearing comfortable and stylish rimless glasses has swept the global. Combined with the latest design, Swarovski crystal rimless glasses input an unprecedented fashionable element into the line of eyeglasses. They have made glasses into stylish accessories to the great degree. Of course, these glasses are attractive and let us too fond to leave.

However, their prices are not approachable, which means that many ordinary people have to give them up. But it doesn’t matter; there are various kinds of other rimless eyeglasses. And they can also have a large number of customers including celebrities. Rimless eyeglasses have been a hot topic all the time and spread among the urban youth. In the eyewear world, consumers can have a look at from one store to another and easily select assortment of high-grade glasses.

Rimless eyeglasses deal with the feature of rich color and comfort, and they can greatly ease the pressure on the bridge of nose and eyes. What’s more, eyewear users can have a wider vision without bondage of eyeglasses frames. With convenience and extreme comfort, these rimless eyeglasses will become more and more popular in the future.

Helpful Hints when Choosing rimless eyeglasses frames

December 19th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that the role of eyeglasses is changing nowadays? They are not only used for vision correction, but also play an indivisible role in the fashion world. And the diversification of eyeglasses can demand most people’s needs. Sometimes, we are surprised to see the assortments of eyeglasses in the current market. Of so many eyeglasses frames, rimless eyeglass frames are particularly popular because of simple structure and lightness.

For modern eyewear users, they pay more attention to the fashion of eyeglasses on the basis of quality. Therefore, most of them prefer to wear rimless eyeglasses frames. Compared with other frames glasses, they are more fragile. Once they have got the accurate prescription, they can freely choose the styles of eyeglasses frames. I am rimless frames fans, and most of my eyeglasses have the same feature. I have some experiences about buying rimless eyeglasses frames, and I’d like to share some with you. If you haven’t tried rimless frames, the following passages are worthy of being read.

First of all, you need to ensure your lenses to be durable. Some lenses are easy to get crack in our daily use. So we’d better choose rimless eyeglasses with durability. The polycarbonate safety lenses are better choices due to its impact-resistant materials. Of course, the right protection in daily use is still important.

Then, you are not advised to wear rimless eyeglasses frames if you have an imbalance prescription. It is because that the discrepancy of lens thickness will make your eyeglasses look ugly due to the special structure of rimless frames. And wearing rimless eyeglasses frames should avoid moving your body heavily. They may be not firm enough to fall apart.

Finally, if you like to purchase eyeglasses online, please concern more about the customer service and feedback from the former customers. Careful selection will enable you to get your most suitable one.

The upside and downside or wireless glasses

June 23rd, 2010

According to the basic frame structure, all of the currently available eyeglasses can be grouped into full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless types. While full-frame glasses are the most traditional, the other two categories are more modern. Yet one point is true that all of these three types exist in parallel and support different demands from customers. In this article, the focus in wireless glasses, another name of frameless or rimless glasses. Like semi-rimless glasses, three-piece rimless eyeglasses do not completely encircle the lenses. In some cases, these two styles are considered as variations that differ from regular glasses. In fact, it is more precise to say that rimless spectacles do not have any frame around the lenses. Their bridge and temples are mounted directly onto the lenses. The connection part is usually some tiny screws. Currently there is a rare variation that is attached to a piercing at the bridge of the wearer’s nose.

The current situation of the eyewear market is that wireless glasses develop in parallel with other two categories. It is easy to hear some people praising rimless spectacles, and meanwhile some others complaining these products. This actually reflects a fact that this primary style has both advantages and disadvantages. They have been around for many years due to the upside. And the incapability of replacing other two types is due to the downside. Recognizing both of these two aspects would help us get a comprehensive evaluation while considering rimless spectacles.

In many people’s mind, rimless eyeglasses will bring a more attractive look than semi-rimless and full-frame ones. The reason is that wireless glasses have nearly no visible frame, thus the whole face can be visible. Prescription glasses use crystal clear lenses so that no part of the front face will be shielded. For people who are confident with personal facial features, this effect granted by wireless glasses is really valuable. Yet what is the downside of these products? Since there is no frame holding the lenses, frameless eyewear is quite delicate and is easier to broken. They require particularly careful insertion and removal as well as daily care.

A comparison between frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses

June 7th, 2010

Eyeglasses for vision correction are widely needed by a large proportion of the world’s population. It is the manufacturers’ responsibility to meet the diversity of customers’ needs. People in different countries or with varying occupations will likely have colorful tastes about eyewear style. The good news is that the current prescription eyewear market is able to provide a wide variety of frame styles arranged in numerous models. Frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses are two of the popular styles in recent years. Some people may not understand the title of this article. Is it feasible to make a comparison between these two eyewear styles? Well, there is actually a close link between them.

Let’s first make a discussion of a special trend in the eyewear industry. Prescription eyeglasses for vision aid were originally ugly ones at the early stage. This is why there were many people who refused to wear them at that time. The reason is likely that eyewear manufacturers in those early days hardly paid attention to frame design and appearance. Most of their attention was paid to the guarantee of lens functionality. Currently, the eyewear market is completely different in this sense. Frame style and fashion have been an inseparable part of a pair of prescription eyeglasses, exemplified by the colorful, attractive eyeglass models, among which there are frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses. Compared with full-frame eyeglasses, a rimless pair could enable wearers to show a maximum part of their facial beauty. The reason is obvious that there is nearly no frame covering the front face. Transparent prescription eyeglasses are supposed to achieve a similar effect. Even if a whole frame is present on the nose, it is transparent and the facial features behind it are generally visible.

Except for the similarity between frameless eyeglasses and transparent glasses, there are also possible differences between them. Rimless glasses can feel free to take use of colorful temples, which will be attached directly onto the lenses rather than onto a frame. But transparent glasses usually take use of transparent plastic temples.

Rimless and semi rimless eyeglasses

January 31st, 2010

Unlike the rimless eyeglasses that totally do not have the frames to hold the lenses, semi rimless eyeglasses have the upper part of the frame, while the bottom part is rimless, so sometimes it is also called half-rimless eyeglasses.

As the strength for holding the whole pair of rimless eyeglasses comes from the lens itself, we need to strongest lenses such as polycarbonate and other high index lenses. But for semi rimless eyeglasses, it is not a problem to resin lenses like CR-39, as the top portion of the frame and the bottom nylon string can hold the lenses tightly through the groove the edge of lenses.

Semi rimless glasses are normally a bit heavier in weight than rimless eyeglasses. Furthermore, as rimless eyeglasses have no any frame in front of eyes, therefore the wearer’s eyes can be seen more than semi rimless glasses. Another biggest advantage of rimless eyeglasses is that you do not need to limit the shape of lenses to the one which is displayed to you in the stores. You can virtually choose any shape you like to fit your face and persona. This is supposed to be the hottest point of selecting rimless eyeglasses. For semi rimless glasses, even the bottom part is also rimless, but mostly you do not have the freedom to choose the shape for the lower part only, as the bottom part needs to match the upper shape which is determined by the frame.

Men's memory metal semi-rimless frame eyeglassesWomen's mixed materials partially rimmed frame eyeglasses
Unisex metal rimless eyeglassesUnisex mixed material rimless eyeglasses

Basic facts of rimless glasses

January 21st, 2010

When we put on a pair of eyeglasses, it can transform our dull face to a vivid one. Among large amount of choices, rimless glasses will be a good alternate.

Rimless glasses, also called frameless glasses, are self-explanatory in its definition. Rimless glasses are defined as eyeglasses without rims. The “frame” of rimless glasses consists of three pieces which are two temples and a nose bridge. When these three pieces are mounted onto the two pieces of lenses directly, a pair of rimless glasses is then ready.

Since its initial introduction in 1880, rimless glasses are gaining popularity due to its unique features. The hottest feature is its “invisibility” as a result of being rimless,this makes the eyes of the wearers being fully seen by others without obstruction of the frames. Also due to no rims, the weight of the whole rimless glasses is reduced a lot, making it extra lightweight. Rimless glasses are suitable virtually for all the prescriptions including the very strong ones. Nowadays rimless glasses are becoming the choice of some trendy wearers.

As there is no physical frame for holding the lenses, rimless glasses need to use very strong lenses to attach the bridge and temples. Opticians recommend using polycarbonate lenses for rimless glasses. Glasses mounted on the normal plastic lenses are not strong enough to keep the look of rimless glasses for long, and will be crooked and loosened easily.

Unisex mixed material rimless eyeglassesUnisex metal rimless eyeglasses
Unisex mixed material rimless eyeglassesUnisex mixed material rimless eyeglasses