Rimless Reading Glasses: The Lightest Glasses You’ll Ever Behold

July 20th, 2012 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Since their birth, glasses have been judged for their weight. That’s also the reason why people rushed to contacts once the technology became available. Think about it, would you like to have a pair of burden that is made of plastic or even metal on your face that is not originally a part of your body to press on your nose day in and day out. As a glasses wearers for over twenty years, I can tell you that its exhausting. Not only is the incredulously heavy burden, but more important you are so restricted in your daily activities. You can’t run too fast because of the glasses on your nose, you can’t play sports freely and as you will because of the glasses. All those things you used to enjoy, now, before you are engaged in them, you have to ask yourself, is it OK for me to do it. All due to the heaviness of glasses, millions of wearers have to deal with the burden day in and day out. But now with the emergence of rimless reading glasses, the need to worry about those questions is killed once and for all.

Rimless reading glasses, if you’ve ever seen one pair, are glasses with no fronts in their frames. The lenses are connected by bridges and screws. With such an ingenious design, the weight of the glasses is reduced probably by the largest possible degree. People don’t need to worry about things that will destroy their glasses and they will enjoy the experience of wearing glasses much more. Unlike full rimmed or semi rimless glasses, rimless reading glasses really take the lightness of glasses to another level. Once you have one pair of such readers on, you will know what I mean by that phrase ultimate comfort.

Nowadays, rimless reading glasses come in a whole provision of colors that ranges from the jumpy and light-hearted purple to the always princess kind of pink to the cool of the coolest black to the emo-like brown. There is no kind of vibe that is missing in rimless glasses. The color here of course is applied to the arms, giving more vibe and color to your life as you are wearing those rimless reading glasses. If you want to look smart capable and experience at your workplaces, in front of your peers, rimless reading glasses are really the best you could ever wish for .


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