Do You Fit Rimless Glasses?

November 20th, 2009 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

At present, glasses, like necklace, hat, and scarf, are fashion accessories that play an important role in our daily life, whether for vision correction or for ornament. Proper glasses show your temperament and your personality. Similarly, unbefitting glasses will greatly singularize your flaw of facial features and effect image.

In the past few years, rimless glasses emerge as an inundant glasses style people love. However, the point is that not everyone is fit to wear rimless glasses, therefore, before you make a decision to purchase a pair of rimless glasses, you have to make sure whether rimless glasses are perfect for you.

Rimless glasses are merely composed of lenses, which are connected by nosepieces and glass legs. In light of the absence of frames, rimless glasses are much lighter than any other kind of glasses. They are fairly suitable for those who have to wear glasses for a whole day, reducing the burden on nose bridge. What is more, the arms of rimless glasses are mostly made from titanium, which is a very expensive and durable but extremely lightweight material. The application of titanium presents a further favorable feature for those who need their glasses for everyday activities. Also due to the use of titanium, rimless glasses are resistant to oxidation, resistant to rustiness and everlasting. All in all, rimless glasses are considered to be the most comfortable glasses for one to wear.

Owing to the absence of frames, rimless glasses almost seem to be invisible on the wearers’ faces. Therefore, if you used to wear glasses to mask features or hid flaws in appearance of your face; if you want to shift others’ attentions by wearing glasses; if you, having not so beautiful cheekbone or anisomerous eyes, want to give others an illusion that you have a different shape of facial form and cover your eyes, rimless glasses may not be your perfect choice.

On the contrary, if you possess perfect facial form, and are eager to show to others or spice up your face by the adornment of glasses; if you want to show off every single feature of your face; if you want to get rid of the heavy glasses of old style to relax both your nose bridge and eyes; and if you want to see a clearer world with a feeling that you seem to wear nothing, rimless glasses are here waiting for you to provide you another experience, beside, rimless glasses would probably plus an heir of elegance to you to further enhance your beauty.

However, fortunately, what is illustrated above are not so absolute. Designers have been making their efforts to improve the designation of rimless glasses in hope of making more people look fine and great with a pair of rimless glasses on faces.

Anyway, until now, rimless glasses have successfully help those who have to wear an extra headgear to make help them see a clear world, and they do not have to bear such glasses with bulky frames anymore. With rimless glasses, they are possibly to experience the same with those who are born to be with a perfect vision of twenty-twenty.


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