Brief Introduction of Folding Specs

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Many people, especially old people, need reading glasses to improve their vision when objects are close to their eyes because their eyes lose the ability of focusing on close objects which is usually a natural result of aging. We call this condition of eyes presbyopia. The opposite condition of presbyopia is called myopia or shortsightedness, which afflict more than half of the population. People with myopia also need glasses to improve their vision when objects are not that close to their eyes.

Fortunately both of the eye problems are not serious impairments. It is good news that people with presbyopia will never have the problem of nearsightedness, which means they will have no problem in seeing objects that are far from your eyes. Then will only have problem in focusing on things that is close to their eyes. Therefore people with presbyopia need glasses to read a newspaper, or they need to put the newspaper in a bit far place to read them if the characters is big enough to see.

If you are one of patient with presbyopia, you need of a pair of specs. There are three kinds of reading glasses, corrective lenses, progressive lenses and multifocals. Corrective lenses can totally fixed your vision power measured in diopoters. And multifocals have two or three levels of horizontal viewing region for different situations, from near objects, intermediate objects to far objects.

Besides, reading glasses can be full frames and half frames. The traditional full frames are commonly used by people who need to look at close thing for a long time, when half frames is preferred by patients who have to look at far objects as well.

Folding specs are very popular and very convenient. Any types of reading glasses that mentioned above can be foldable. You can use it according to your requirements and fold it and put it in its box that is usually small enough to be easily put into your purse or handbag. Besides, these boxes are usually in number of colors that makes them more fashionable and polymer coating are used so that the specs are quite sturdy and you don’t worry about breaking them.


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