Resistant and compact folding glasses

May 5th, 2010 by William Krause Leave a reply »

Folding glasses is really an innovative design. Individuals always forget where they have put their glasses. Sometimes, this may lead to a disaster that others will probably step on them or seat on them. Since folding reading glasses are not often on the nose, they are easily put down anywhere. Then mishaps will come. So it’s no surprise that many people change several reading glasses a year. Folding glasses do help in this problem. They are developed to combat this problem. Today, folding reading glasses have gained a great popularity in the reading glasses world.

The innovation of folding glasses is that they can fold up. How to make it? The bridge of folding reading glasses is special. It is not a single bridge as the common ones. The bridge consists of two sub-bridges, each of which is connected to the respective lens frame. The sub-bridges of folding glasses can be folded up then the whole glasses become half in scale. Of course, the temples of folding glasses can also be folded in the middle part. Before you place your folding reading glasses, just fold them up. Folding glasses will be much more resistant to misfortunes.

Another advantage of folding glasses is the compactness. Once folded up, you can put your into folding reading glasses a pocket, purse or even a glove box. This brings significant convenience under many situations, such as you forget the hand bag.

Folding glasses are also provided in clip on styles. You can clip up sunglasses lens onto them and the reading sunglasses are ready. Besides its resistance, folding reading glasses are available in all stylish forms.


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