Pros and Cons of Rimless Glasses Frames

May 12th, 2011 by Charles Garrana Leave a reply »

Rimless glasses frames have attract a lot of people especially those who have strong prescription due to certain features. With convenience and comfort, these rimless glasses will become more and more popular worldwide. Here you will know more about rimless glasses frames through their advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Pros-The most attractive feature of rimless glasses frames is their light weight. Compared with other glasses frames, they are much more lightweight and greatly ease the pressure on the bridge of nose and eyes. They are also available for people who have strong prescription. As we know, the stronger prescription is, the heavier glasses are. So people who suffer high myopia can get relieved with the help of rimless eyeglasses frames. Moreover, there are no frames that will distract your eyes to see objects and have a wider view. What’s more, rimless glasses frames are helpful to make us look elegant and sophisticated. For example, wearing different styles of rimless eyeglasses show different kind of image and personality. Elegant and neat looking glasses make you look professional. A dark colored one can make you look rugged, sexy or sophisticated.


Cons-Their price is higher than other glasses frames because of the detail that goes into this style. In fact, the rimless style needs more work and time. So making this kind of style is more time-consuming. Besides, the lenses can gradually disintegrate on the side where the screws are situated and finally the lenses can drop. Once you loose out the lens from the frame, you’ll not be capable to put it back easily so you need take care of them


As the stated above, rimless glasses frames have pros and cons like other frames styles. If you are annoyed by heavy glasses, rimless glasses will be your ideal choice. These frames make you have less pressure as well as better appearance.


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