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A comparison between frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses

June 7th, 2010

Eyeglasses for vision correction are widely needed by a large proportion of the world’s population. It is the manufacturers’ responsibility to meet the diversity of customers’ needs. People in different countries or with varying occupations will likely have colorful tastes about eyewear style. The good news is that the current prescription eyewear market is able to provide a wide variety of frame styles arranged in numerous models. Frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses are two of the popular styles in recent years. Some people may not understand the title of this article. Is it feasible to make a comparison between these two eyewear styles? Well, there is actually a close link between them.

Let’s first make a discussion of a special trend in the eyewear industry. Prescription eyeglasses for vision aid were originally ugly ones at the early stage. This is why there were many people who refused to wear them at that time. The reason is likely that eyewear manufacturers in those early days hardly paid attention to frame design and appearance. Most of their attention was paid to the guarantee of lens functionality. Currently, the eyewear market is completely different in this sense. Frame style and fashion have been an inseparable part of a pair of prescription eyeglasses, exemplified by the colorful, attractive eyeglass models, among which there are frameless eyeglasses and transparent eyeglasses. Compared with full-frame eyeglasses, a rimless pair could enable wearers to show a maximum part of their facial beauty. The reason is obvious that there is nearly no frame covering the front face. Transparent prescription eyeglasses are supposed to achieve a similar effect. Even if a whole frame is present on the nose, it is transparent and the facial features behind it are generally visible.

Except for the similarity between frameless eyeglasses and transparent glasses, there are also possible differences between them. Rimless glasses can feel free to take use of colorful temples, which will be attached directly onto the lenses rather than onto a frame. But transparent glasses usually take use of transparent plastic temples.