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Rimless glasses are a type of eyeglasses in which the lenses are mounted directly to the bridge or temples. Individual pieces are put together into one piece with screws, plastic inserts or other mechanisms. The connecting link between the bridge and the temples are the lenses themselves. These can be cut into many shapes and have a flat edge. Construction of rimless glasses frames enables bigger variability for the customers not only size, but also shape wise. The advantage of rimless glasses is low weight, little saliency, undisturbed viewing field. The low points can be higher inclination to damaging. It is necessary to note that there are drilled types of glasses on the market, which are extremely firm and flexible and with correct choice of lenses they can be a lot more durable than the full-frame or half-frame glasses.

Rimless eyeglasses frames are designed for people who don’t want to be noticed that they are wearing eyeglasses. If your face shape is round, it is recommended that you wear square eyeglasses frames. If you have a face that is proportionally oval, all shapes of eyeglasses frames will be suitable to you. If you have a square face shape, you can wear eyeglasses frames that are circular or curved. If you have oblong face shape, you should choose triangular eyeglasses frame. Circular and rectangular eyeglasses frames are suitable for people that have oblong face shape. People with heart face shape should wear eyeglasses frames that have wider bottoms. People with diamond face shape should wear circular eyeglasses frame. You can also wear cat eye eyeglasses frames if you have diamond face shape. If you have a face with narrow forehead, it is recommended that you choose the base down triangle eyeglasses frame.

When shopping for rimless eyeglasses, be sure to do research on the internet. When you spend time to do research, you can compare the prices of different eyeglasses frames across various online eyeglasses stores. You can visit the reviews site to read reviews of customers to evaluate the qualities of the rimless eyeglasses. Almost all online eyeglasses stores will have negative customer’s feedbacks. You should avoid buying from an online eyeglasses shop that has too many negative feedbacks. Reading reviews can help you to find out what experiences the previous customers have. If you have question, you can ask the customer service representative. You can dial the customer service phone number at the online eyeglasses store if you have question.

You should obtain a prescription from the local optic store before buying the prescription glasses. You can ask the optician at the local optic store to measure the papillary distance. The online eyeglasses store will require the information in the prescription glasses and papillary distance to make a pair of eyeglasses with accurate power. You can set a budget before buying the eyeglasses. You should not place a lot of emphasis on the eyeglasses price as it is not the most important thing. Instead, you should place emphasis on the eyeglasses quality. You can ask friend to give you recommendations on eyeglasses store that offer highest quality eyeglasses. You should write down the telephone number and web address of the online eyeglasses stores that your friend suggests you.


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