about 8-10 dollar glasses

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A new pair of glasses can leaving you seeing double over the price. Fancy frames, special lenses, and protective coatings can add up to $500 or more. Actually, you can chop the overall cost significantly to $8-$10 by purchasing eyeglasses online. Prices are low because glasses are either manufactured on site, outsourced to other countries, or are last season’s leftovers. Generally speaking, the specs manufactured on site tend to be more on trend but have a higher starting rate while offering less of a selection.

To get eyeglasses price $8 to $10, ask your doctor for a copy of your eyeglasses prescription, plus your pupillary distance number. The distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils in each eye. Moreover, eyeglasses stores often have coupons and special half-price deals. When you find this kind of deal, consider buying a backup pair in case your primary pair is lost or broken. That way you won’t have to run to an expensive shop to have a replacement made right away. Or just ask for a discount if you buy two pairs. Moreover, you need to make sure your face shape. If your face shape is round, it is recommended that you wear square eyeglasses frames. If you have a face that is proportionally oval, all shapes of eyeglasses frames will be suitable to you. If you have a square face shape, you can wear eyeglasses frames that are circular or curved. If you have oblong face shape, you should choose triangular eyeglasses frame. Circular and rectangular eyeglasses frames are suitable for people that have oblong face shape. People with heart face shape should wear eyeglasses frames that have wider bottoms. People with diamond face shape should wear circular eyeglasses frame. You can also wear cat eye eyeglasses frames if you have diamond face shape. If you have a face with narrow forehead, it is recommended that you choose the base down triangle eyeglasses frame.


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