Basic facts of rimless glasses

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When we put on a pair of eyeglasses, it can transform our dull face to a vivid one. Among large amount of choices, rimless glasses will be a good alternate.

Rimless glasses, also called frameless glasses, are self-explanatory in its definition. Rimless glasses are defined as eyeglasses without rims. The “frame” of rimless glasses consists of three pieces which are two temples and a nose bridge. When these three pieces are mounted onto the two pieces of lenses directly, a pair of rimless glasses is then ready.

Since its initial introduction in 1880, rimless glasses are gaining popularity due to its unique features. The hottest feature is its “invisibility” as a result of being rimless,this makes the eyes of the wearers being fully seen by others without obstruction of the frames. Also due to no rims, the weight of the whole rimless glasses is reduced a lot, making it extra lightweight. Rimless glasses are suitable virtually for all the prescriptions including the very strong ones. Nowadays rimless glasses are becoming the choice of some trendy wearers.

As there is no physical frame for holding the lenses, rimless glasses need to use very strong lenses to attach the bridge and temples. Opticians recommend using polycarbonate lenses for rimless glasses. Glasses mounted on the normal plastic lenses are not strong enough to keep the look of rimless glasses for long, and will be crooked and loosened easily.

Unisex mixed material rimless eyeglassesUnisex metal rimless eyeglasses
Unisex mixed material rimless eyeglassesUnisex mixed material rimless eyeglasses

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