Various aviator glasses frames

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Since the aviator glasses expanded its business from the military area to the public, all kinds of people have considered it as the most successful one. Though Ray Ban, Scheyden and Serengeti are aviator glasses manufacturers, Ray Ban is the one that is most widely recognized. It is the creator of aviator glasses, but another important reason is that it provides the most varieties, especially in frame structures.

The first type: all parts of aviator glasses frames are wide and flat, including the two temples and the lens rims. The nose pads of these aviator glasses are integrated to the lens frame. Another way to say: without pad arms. These kind of aviator glasses look like classic and formal.

The second type: the temples are wide and flat while the lens frame is round and thin. The nose pads of these aviator glasses are connected to the lens frame through pad arms. These kind of aviator glasses are lighter and more related to fashions such as shutter shades.

The third type: besides their normal features including thin and round temples and lens frame, the pair of lens frame of these kind of aviator glasses is linked with two thin bridges (a double bridge) that are nearly in parallel.

The fourth type: aviator glasses equipped with a triple bridge. A third and much longer bridge is added to the third type with its feet reach the upper center of the lens frame. And the third bridge is also thicker than the other two.

The materials of the first two types of aviator glasses (with wide frames) are always plastic while that of the latter two are usually made of metal.


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