The various functions of clear glasses

March 1st, 2010 by George Manche Leave a reply »

Eyeglasses are considered as an essential fashion accessory in today’s world, so for those people without vision problems, they would like to choose the clear glasses to show their personality.

Generally speaking, clear eyeglasses can have several functions in your daily life. Clear glasses will do a great help to keep the dust or bug away from your eyes, especially when you are running or driving in the open air. Clear glasses can block the harmful UV rays. Eyes are quite fragile if exposing to the sun in a long time, so clear glasses with anti-ultraviolet coatings is a necessity if you are on beach or somewhere like that. Clear glasses are fashionable people’s favorite accessory. For the clear glasses can invert your styles in an easy way, either to be intellectuality or to be sexy. Clear eyeglasses are extremely important for some special careers, such as the doctors in the radiology department; they must wear the clear glasses with high lead to effectively bar the X-rays. With the widely used of computers, clear glasses are developed into anti-radiation. This function sounds exciting especially for the ladies who are afraid of computer radiation very much.

In fact, though the clear eyeglasses have no prescription at all, you should also pay attention to the quality and function of the clear eyeglasses. The improper clear glasses may do damages to your good eye vision. So if you want to get a pair of clear glasses, please go to the authorized shop, and check carefully about the craftsmanship and color of the lenses.

A kind reminder: if not very necessarily, I suggest you not wear clear eyeglasses, just enjoy your good eyes with a wide vision. The nearsighted or farsighted men must be envious of your eyes free from eyeglasses.


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