How to Choose Running Sunglasses.

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There is no denying that sunglasses have played an irreplaceable role in our daily life. For example, more and more people prefer to wear sunglasses when they take various kinds of sports, such as cycling, golf, and running. When it comes to running, you many wear sunscreen and comfortable clothes to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is of great importance to shield your eyes with the help of running sunglasses. As for running sunglasses, they must have high quality and offer wearers good eye protection. Here are several important aspects that you’d better take into consideration while purchasing running sunglasses.



Running sunglasses offer a perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with different lenses, which offer total protection from the sun. Lenses with different colors, having different effects, are suitable for different weather or conditions. For example, dark-tinted lenses such as green and gray are suitable for bright days. Amber or brown tinted lenses work better than others on a cloudy day. Besides, polarized lenses may be the proper choice. They can block out the glare, especially there is snow on the ground or water nearby. So runners won’t be influenced by the glare reflected from water, snow or mental buildings.

Comfort and fit

Many runners have same annoying experience that their sunglasses slip off or bounce during running. So it is especially important for runners to find sunglasses with a firm fit. Select a pair that fits snugly on your nose and your head, but it should not be too tight to be comfortable. When you select your sunglasses in a store, you can jog or jump around a bit to make sure whether sunglasses bounce or slip off your nose or not. What’s more, frames that are vented to help the lenses from fogging caused by sweat. In this condition, wraparound sunglasses fit comfortably to your head and offer better eye protection compared to other types.

UV protection

A pair of good running sunglasses have offer high UV protection, which can block out harmful UV rays and glare to protect runners’ eyes. During running, you inevitably expose your eyes to the sunlight. If your sunglasses can’t prevent enough UV rays, your eyes are likely to be damaged.




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