Tips for People Having Long Eyelashes to Choose Sunglasses

June 9th, 2011 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

A lot of women are in desperate desire to have long eyelashes that make them look gorgeous. However, people including men and women may find it annoying when their long eyelashes touch the lenses of their sunglasses, which make them uncomfortable. So with long eyelashes, those people may find it a little bit difficult to find suitable sunglasses. Here I’d like to share two types of sunglasses that are suitable for people who have long eyelashes as follows:

Oversized sunglasses-Oversized sunglasses are so popular that we can see a lot of people including famous celebrities and common people wear oversized sunglasses. Due to the large lenses, there is more space between the eyelashes and the lenses, which ensure the eyelashes not to touch the lenses. However, if you think the oversized sunglasses are not suitable for you because of your small face shape although they can prevent the eyelashes from touching the lenses. In fact, many celebrities who have small face pursue oversized sunglasses. Take Nicole Ritchie as an example. She always wears oversized sunglass to match her entire outfit, which makes her look glamorous and gorgeous.

Plastic Sunglasses Plastic Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses-Aviator sunglass is anther type sunglass for people having long eyelashes. Although aviator sunglasses are rounded, they are not completely round as traditional sunglasses. They are a little bit long, which also offer more space between your eyelashes and the lenses. In addition, with the ever-growing rise of popularity of aviator sunglasses, more and more women, not only men, are addicted to aviator sunglasses. So aviator sunglasses play an irreplaceable role in many people’s fashionable wardrobe.

Plastic EyeglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Generally speaking, the oversized sunglass and aviator sunglasses are quite suitable for people to prevent their long eyelashes from touching the lenses of sunglasses. What’s more, they can make a fashionable statement and get good eye protection with the help of them.


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