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Stylish sunglasses have become the favorite accessory to a lot of people and the most practical item to make a fashion statement. The famous designer AlainMiki once said that sunglasses are not only protective tool but also a work of art that deserves people’s appreciation. If you have doubt about choosing sunglasses, you may learn from the following celebrities

Ashley Greene She becomes famous worldwide because she played the role of Alice Cullen who has refined temperament in TWILIGHT. When it comes to her face shape, oversized sunglasses such as round sunglasses are suitable for the obvious contours of her face.

Ashley Greene Sunglasses

Eva Longoria She draws much attention worldwide due to the successful TV series, Desperate Housewife. She looks very gorgeous while wearing the black vintage sunglasses. If your temperament is not strong enough like her, you’d better not to try this kind of sunglasses.

Eva Longoria sunglasses

Jennifer Lopes Although Jennifer Lopes became a mother, she is still as glamorous as she was. Every time she shows in front of cameras, she is attractive enough to draw much attention. The fashionable big framed sunglasses with brown lenses are the finishing touch.

Jennifer Lopes sunglasses

Paris Hilton A famous IT girl have much influence in the fashion world. She often wears sunglasses to enhance her outfit. The oversized sunglasses are suitable for her small and delicate face.

Paris Hilton sunglasses

Rachel Zoe She is the hottest stylist in the Hollywood. A lot of common people and celebrities imitate her style. The vintage round sunglasses can decorate her face that have obvious contour.

Rachel Zoe sunglasses

Taylor Momsen She becomes famous for playing a role, Jenny, in the Gossip Girl. She has become the IT girl as well as little queen in the Street Snap. The big frames sunglasses full of vintage make her stylish.

Taylor Momsen sunglasses

From the stated above, if you are not sure about what sunglasses are suitable for you, you can learn from these celebrities.


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