Many Benefits of Sunglasses

May 9th, 2011 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

A lot of women worldwide have become more interested in sunglasses. It is well-known that sunglasses are not only a protective accessory but also a fashion accessory to enhance women’s appearance. When it comes to the sunglasses, the protection against UV rays is the priority. They can protect the delicate eyes and skin around the eyes as well. In fact, women can benefit a lot from wearing sunglasses. So there are many benefits you can get with the help of sunglasses.

Anti-UV protection-The top priority comes to the UV protection while purchasing women’ sunglasses. UV rays have been shown to be a contributor to cornea damage, cataracts and many other eye conditions. It is of great importance of look for sunglasses that provide 99% protection at a minimum. At this aspect, wraparound sunglasses can protect 100% protection against UV rays. Compared to common sunglasses, wraparound sunglasses can prevent harmful UV rays from all angles: the frontal and the sides.

Eyestrain and headaches-A good pair of sunglasses may alleviate eyestrain and headaches. It is said that intensive sunlight may provoke migraines, tension headaches and other conditions. Besides, sunlight may lead to eyestrain from cornea damage. A pair of sunglasses may be helpful to eliminate eyestrain and headaches.

Dry eyes-The light and heat released by the sum can dry our eyes. When our tear evaporates, good sunglasses are useful to help us moist our eyes. So your eyes will feel more comfortable with the help of good sunglasses under the influence of intensive sunlight.

Jet lag- Recent studies have shown that wearing sunglasses may alleviate and eliminate jet lag. In terms of jet lag, the normal biological rhythms are disrupted by different time zones. A pair of sunglasses may be helpful through letting the body feel it doesn’t pass different time zones. So the body will less notice the change in time because sunglasses restricted the amount of sunlight.

Generally speaking, sunglasses not only protect the eyes from the sunlight but also provide us with other medical benefits. As the summer comes, it is imperative to purchase sunglasses with good quality.


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