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about Aviator glasses

June 12th, 2015

Aviator glasses actually are developed from aviator sunglasses or pilot’s glasses. With roots dating back to the late 1930’s, Aviator glasses were originally designed for pilots in order to protect their eyes while in the air. With a slight convex shape and covering the entire eye area, they are designed to block a lot of sunlight from getting through. They also feature a unique reflective lens that adds to the overall style .The original design is now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviator glasses, although other manufacturers also produce aviator style sunglasses. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eyeball, and very thin metal frames with double or triple bridge so-called bullet hole and bayonet earpieces or flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears. The original design featured G-15 tempered glass lenses, transmitting 15% of incoming light. The large lenses are not flat but slightly convex. The design attempts to cover the entire range of the human eye and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle.

One could argue that they definitely started out as a men’s frame but have branched out over the decades and are now by many women. We’ve seen super models and movie starlets wear these hot sunglasses but are they really unisex? Actually, No, aviator eyeglasses are for everyone and can fit each kind of face shape perfectly. It may have started out in a men’s world but aviator glasses work on females just fine. Women can jazz them up with bright colors and men can add character with mirror coated lenses of all different colors. There are plenty of options such as oversized or traditional frames, metal or plastic, and they can even be shaped rectangular. With that many options provided, I think any woman can find the right kind of aviator eyeglasses to wear.

Aim High and Fly Up with Aviator Glasses

June 15th, 2012

The credit of the most favored glasses at all times must go to aviator glasses, which tenaciously stands the test of time and fickle fashion trend. Aviator glasses, since their very existence, have come into its own and wielded its far-reaching influence vogue tendency. A mere touch of aviator glasses will set people’s blood tingling with fury and cravings as the pilots wearing exactly the same type of glasses soaring in the sky. It is a token of ultimate glory and identity. With aviator glasses on, you are entitled to every possible slice of adoration you deserve.

Originally designed and introduced to American pilots for their daily routine flying, aviator glasses are set to protect maximum protection against UV rays and glare at every possible angle. As we can tell from this, their UV and glare protection power brooks no doubt. What’s more important and alluring is the fact that their distinctive and inimitable design in the form of a tear-drop has melted many fashion cognoscenti’s heart, rendering them overwhelmed with admiration for the originality and innovativeness. Just picture yourself amidst a bunch of crowd wearing plain sunglasses, and you show up with aviator glasses on, all glamorous and chic. Imagine the tons of attention fastened upon you and the all-around protection you are bestowed with, you will be thrilled and overtaken. Great brands such as Ray Ban and Rudy Project are launching a wide collection of aviator glasses only to add to consumers’ fashion wardrobe. Metallic-framed and teardrop-shaped, aviator glasses have the special elements that their competitors are lacking of. Unique in its own right indeed!

Down from the common masses up to the Hollywood megastars, they are developing a habit of parading these snazzy aviator glasses to showcase their fashion propensity. Tom Cruise and Kelly Clarkson are often spotted aviator glasses in front of spotlight. If you want to emulate these superstars’ special aura, aviator glasses are the one you can utilize. Cheap sunglasses are also available to you as long as you dig harder into those bargain goods. You have no other choice but put on a pair of aviators for better appeal. Go for them right now!

Stainless Steel Aviator Eyeglasses: The Perfect Marriage Between Comfort And Style

September 22nd, 2011

When choosing eyeglasses, there are two factors you can’t get away from, namely, comfort and style. While most glasses have to compromise one to achieve the other, stainless steel aviator eyeglasses is an exception. With this type of eyeglasses, you don’t have to choose between the two, because they bring together comfort and style like no other.

Stainless Steel Aviator Eyeglasses

From the moment you’ve made your mind on a pair of glasses to the day you finally have it upgraded or ditched, you will probably spend more time with them than with your lovers or spouses. So, they’d better fit comfortably on your face, otherwise, it will be a nightmare. To achieve comfort, the eyeglasses need to be super lightweight. No one like to have a piece of huge burden on their nose all day long. If the eyeglasses they have on can make them feel like nothing, that will probably be a seller. Stainless steel aviator eyeglasses may not be the single most lightweight ones on the planet, but they are definitely among the top 3. And compared with the no. 1, titanium eyeglasses, they are much cheaper. Besides being extremely lightweight, stainless steel has also a high strength-weight ratio, which means they are resistant to high pressure and impact. Not only are they light, they are also sturdy and compact.

Stainless Steel Aviator Eyeglasses 2

In an era when fashion value has become the prime factor of choosing accessories, a pair of eyeglasses that is comfortable to wear is far from enough. People also want a pair that speaks of their taste and personality. Out of all the styles with which glasses are made, aviator glasses are without a question the most classic and fashionable. Originally made by Ray Ban for the Air Force of United States during World War II, these teardrop-shaped glasses with iconic thin wire frames have been sweeping nations and redefining the modern urban look for more than half a century now. Today, they remain the most hip and trendy style on the planet. Celebrities love them just as the public. They can be seen worn by movie stars and music icons all the time throughout the year. They are the ultimate fashion statement maker.

Stainless Steel Aviator Eyeglasses

With stainless steel aviator eyeglasses which bring together the two most valued and appreciated aspects of a pair of eyeglasses, you don’t ever have to compromise comfort for the sake of fashion, or vice versa. Plus, these eyeglasses come in a variety of colors and price ranges, as well. So, choose the one that suits you the most and your days will be filled with comfort and confidence for the rest of your life.

Aviator glasses in a unique style

May 17th, 2010

In the history of eyewear, there have emerged lots of manufacturers which produce different spectacles. According to lens properties, there are non prescription glasses, single vision glasses and multifocal eyeglasses. And from a functional perspective, there are regular eyeglasses, sunglasses and goggles or safety glasses. Nowadays, many historic eyewear manufacturers are capable of making a wide variety of products, not being limited to one sort. And there have been some classic styles after decades of competition among different manufacturers. This represents another dimension of eyeglass classification. Aviator glasses have been around for quite long and never shown a trend of fading out from the fashion world. Currently, it is easy to find shops selling authentic aviator eyeglasses in either local or online ways, not to mention those numerous retailers making great profit from selling replicas or glasses resembling the aviator style.

The reason why aviator eyeglasses can maintain a never fading fever in the public is that they were designed with original elements and now stand for a classic and unique taste. This style has enabled aviator eyewear to maintain a large group of loyal users. It is appropriate to say that these devices are miraculous that they have stayed in the mainstream for decades of years. As an extraordinary set of designer eyeglasses, aviator glasses mean a lot for some followers. They can be confidence and even a symbol of social status. Of course, a prior condition is to buy authentic pairs.

The unparalleled image of aviator eyewear has also been contributed by those manufacturers. We can also say the renowned brands which supply aviator eyeglasses. The most well-known brands producing aviator glasses include Ray Ban, Prada and Tom Ford, while less famous ones contain Scheyden, Serengeti as well as Carrera. These reputable brands backing aviator products make the public more confident to use these spectacles on a daily basis. In most cases, a good designer stands for good eyewear quality and service. It is also worth mentioning that aviator spectacles from different brands have specific features in frame design. They deserve customers’ attention.

Aviator lens

April 3rd, 2010

The special tear drop shape, suitable for all ages and all face shapes, world famous brand, aviator lens will provide all your expectations for aviator glasses..

Aviator lens is a classic of Ray-Ban and used in aviation and in all other occasions. Ray-Ban Aviator always manages to meet the requirements of wearers. Designed in the 1930s for pilots, Ray-Ban Aviator is characterized by dark, often reflective lens having an area two or three times the area of the eye socket, and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. The large aviator lens is not straight as in eyeglasses but bulge out slightly. The design of the aviator lens attempts to cover the entire range of the eye and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye socket from any angle.

The Ray-Ban Aviator became well-known when General Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines in World War II. Photographers snapped several pictures of him wearing them for newspapers. We see the heroic spirit of MacArthur though aviator lens.

After that, Ray-Ban Aviator appears in films, on celebrities’ faces and in high-grade store. People choose Ray-Ban Aviator is because the quality aviator lens. The scratch/impact-resistant aviator lens ensures 100% UV protection & superb optical clarity. Contemporary models are polarized to reduce more harmful light. Although they are not wearing by pilots, they are accessories of fashion-conscious individuals.

The most famous universally recognized style of all time, Ray-Ban Aviator and aviator lens can always be first and foremost choice.

Various aviator glasses frames

March 1st, 2010

Since the aviator glasses expanded its business from the military area to the public, all kinds of people have considered it as the most successful one. Though Ray Ban, Scheyden and Serengeti are aviator glasses manufacturers, Ray Ban is the one that is most widely recognized. It is the creator of aviator glasses, but another important reason is that it provides the most varieties, especially in frame structures.

The first type: all parts of aviator glasses frames are wide and flat, including the two temples and the lens rims. The nose pads of these aviator glasses are integrated to the lens frame. Another way to say: without pad arms. These kind of aviator glasses look like classic and formal.

The second type: the temples are wide and flat while the lens frame is round and thin. The nose pads of these aviator glasses are connected to the lens frame through pad arms. These kind of aviator glasses are lighter and more related to fashions such as shutter shades.

The third type: besides their normal features including thin and round temples and lens frame, the pair of lens frame of these kind of aviator glasses is linked with two thin bridges (a double bridge) that are nearly in parallel.

The fourth type: aviator glasses equipped with a triple bridge. A third and much longer bridge is added to the third type with its feet reach the upper center of the lens frame. And the third bridge is also thicker than the other two.

The materials of the first two types of aviator glasses (with wide frames) are always plastic while that of the latter two are usually made of metal.