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Magnifying Glasses For Reading: Convenient And Helpful

August 23rd, 2011

As we age, many organs of our bodies deteriorate in function, especially our precious eyes. People in their senior ages know very well the painful difficulty of reading fine prints or small letters up close. It started when they hit 40 and in the beginning they can still solve the problem by holding the reading material further away from their eyes, but eventually their hands aren’t long enough, and they have to seek extra help by using optical devices. At times like these, magnifying glasses for reading come in handy. Also known as reading glasses, these glasses use convex lenses to make the reading material larger so you eyes won’t have any problem focusing.

As probably known by many people, our eyes focus at different distances and go from one distance to another by using the crystalline lens in your pupils. As we grow up, the elasticity of your crystalline lenses becomes weaker, and our ability to focus at close up distance follows suit. Magnifying glasses solve the problem by not allowing our crystalline lenses to change again, but bending the light that comes into our eyes so that the information lies at the right spot for our optic nerve to pick up. By using the convex lenses that makes the reading material larger, they allow the wearer to read fine print with ease.

Like many other glasses, magnifying glasses have gone through some renovation to appeal to broader consumer. One of the useful adjustments are little embedded lights that enable the wearer to read in the dark situation. These magnifying glasses with lights answered a huge desire for convenience and comfort in reading things in the dark. With them, you don’t need to get out of bed and turn on the light before you can read. Just put these little gadget on, and you can read your emergency notes right away.

Unlike prescription glasses that are needed for people suffering from myopia, magnifying glasses can be picked up over the counter at your nearest drug store or in online stores. All you need to do is to find that pair that’s got the required power for your reading problems.

Reading Glasses and Computer Glasses are the Optimal Choice for the Otaku

August 2nd, 2011

Otaku refers to a group of teenagers who always stay at home instead of going outside. Enchanted in their own worlds, they like reading cartoon books and watching TV and movies. So what they need is a pair of appropriate eyeglasses exclusively made for reading or watching TV. That’s why reading and computer glasses come into being.


Suffered from shortsightedness, you are in need of a pair of reading glasses to see near objects clearly. You are required to receive optometry first and then the optometrist will advise that you wear a pair of reading glasses with suitable ADD number and the sphere number, in that way, you can have a clearer world. The Otaku, seated themselves in the chair, read the cartoon book all day long, forgetting having dinners, doing exercise and even going to the toilet. As a result, their eye vision declines. They have to resort to reading glasses for going on reading such a number of books.

At the same time, the Otaku may be the couch potato, enjoying a sedentary life by watching TV in the couch with little vigorous physical exercise. To prevent or prescribe the shortsightedness, one is suggested to wear a pair of computer glasses, which aims at seeing the computer screen at the intermediate distance. After wearing it, one is bound to feel comfortable unless there is no optical disturbance.

But how can you decide which one you need? It is all depends on your lifestyle. If you are fond of reading books or newspapers, a pair of reading glasses is your best choice to see words in the near distance. While if you prefer watching TV or playing computer games or chatting online, you are certain to buy a pair of computer glasses for intermediate distance.

In a nutshell, Otaku reflects the unhealthy lifestyle, but if it is difficult for you to abandon it, please do not hesitate to try on some specialty eyeglasses like reading glasses and computer glasses.

Why We Need Reading Glasses and How These Glasses Should Be Purchased

July 25th, 2011

Most people over the age of forty find themselves having difficulties reading little signs or the fine print. Often times they have to hold the reading material further away from them so that their eyes can focus better. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, many of them begin to wear reading glasses. Although reading glasses are probably the most worn type of glasses among people over forty, rarely is the question asked: how exactly do these glasses work?

Well, you see, for our eyes to focus at different distances and go from the distance to the near and vise versa, we need to use the crystalline lenses in our eyes. These lenses are located behind our pupils and can change shape to meet different focusing needs. When we were children, our crystalline lenses had very strong shape changing ability, allowing our eyes to have tremendous power to focus at the near range. However, as we grow older, our crystalline lenses gradually become less elastic. Finally, as we reach the age of around forty, our crystalline lenses’ ability to focus at the usual reading distance is forever impaired. Once this happens, a pair of reading glasses is needed. The whole process is essentially another manifesto of the ever-going process of aging. It happens practically from the moment we were born until that day when we find “we were not young anymore”.

Buying a pair of reading glasses may sound pretty easy, but there are many unknown insights too. For example, do you know that instead of having your reading glasses custom made for you at your optometrist’s, you can actually just go over to a drugstore and pick up one pair. Those are called the over the counter reading glasses, a.k.a OTC reading glasses. Like the OTC drugs that cure your cold, those glasses don’t require any prescription reports to be purchased. You can just go over to the nearest the drugstore and try out their glasses one by one until you find one pair that seems clear at your desired reading distance. These glasses will be enough if what you need is just a pair of reading glasses that help you read. However, in reality, the thing is many people may need not only normal reading glasses but also corrective glasses. For them, the over the counter reading glasses solution is certainly not recommended. They should follow the usual procedure and have their eyes examined by an eye doctor and then have their glasses made accordingly.

In neither of the above mentioned case, however, does it mean that you can skip your routine eye checkups with your eye doctor. Reading glasses may help you read efficiently, and they don’t uncover potential vision-related diseases like your regular medical checkups do.

Reading Glasses: the Best Solution for Reading Problems

July 11th, 2011

Are you having problems reading print or computer screens? Do you find yourself straining your eyes to read printed materials or having to hold fine print away from your face just so you can read them? If yes, you might need a set of reading glasses.

Some people who have the above mentioned vision problems have never experienced any vision problems before. For them, reading glasses are the best option to solve their problems. They are very easy to adjust to and cost effective. The wearer can just look down through the glasses to read and look forward for regular vision. No need to put them on and off.

For the rest who have more than just reading problems to cure, reading glasses remain a popular choice. While bifocals, trifocals and the latest progressive glasses work well for some, most people find them difficult to use. In order to see at far, mid-range and up close ranges, the wearer has to look through different parts of the lenses. As an alternative, one can have a set of eyeglasses for distance vision and a set for reading. This is a good solution especially for people who are just beginning to experience Presbyopia. Reading glasses are usually small and compact making them easy to clip on and off whenever needed and easy to store and carry around with.

If you intend to get yourself one pair of such glasses, the first thing you need to do is to see a specialist and have your problems diagnosed with detail. Remember not all reading glasses have prescription lenses. If you are just like most people who don’t have any other problem except for reading, a set of non-prescription reading glasses that magnify the material that is enough for your purpose.

One thing you should notice when purchasing reading glasses is that they are different from computer glasses. Because computer glasses are specially designed for people have to work long hours in front a computer, they are not for the right distance for reading. Remember to distinguish when you are in the store.

Reading glasses come in two basic styles: full lens and half lens, with no one better than the other. You can make your decision based on your personal preference. There are also endless colors and shapes to choose from. You can easily find the one pair that matches your wardrobe, your hair color, your facial shape and even your attitude.

Reading Glasses are not Exclusive to the Old People

March 2nd, 2011

“Oh my god! I cannot see the books clearly! What’s wrong with my eyes?” screamed by my aunt. All of us were shocked by her cry while we were watching TV at the living room. At the beginning, we all deemed that she had suffered from some kind of eye disease and never thought she had got presbyopia because my aunt was only 38. Fortunately, one of my uncles living in another city was a doctor. We gave him a call and told him my aunt’s symptoms immediately. Finally, we confirmed that my aunt had indeed suffered from presbyopia and we intended to buy her a pair of prescribed reading glasses.
In fact, my aunt couldn’t accept the truth that she had got presbyopia at such a young age since we often associated the reading glasses with old people. My aunt didn’t want to be regarded as old, so she refused to wear prescribed reading glasses and warned us if one of us dared to buy such unpleasant thing for her she would take him/her as her enemy. However, it was not absolutely true that only the old people might suffer from presbyopia. Actually, presbyopia was related to the individual’s refraction and job nature. For this reason, one could get presbyopia even if he/she was under the age of 40.
After a very long time of persuasion and explanation, my aunt was convinced to buy a pair of prescribed reading glasses eventually. There were two reasons for why she made this decision: 1. She really needed a pair of reading glasses to see the books or other near objects clearly; 2. She would no longer worry about being regarded as an old woman.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a pair of prescribed reading glasses to get a clear vision if you have suffered from presbyopia, no matter how young you are. And never think that the reading glasses are exclusive to the old people.

Modern Reading Glasses for Intellectual Women

January 27th, 2011

Nowadays, varieties of eyeglasses are full of people’s life. They play different roles and provide convenience with eye wear users. Of them, reading glasses make contributions to people with hyperopia. However, there is a group of people wouldn’t like to wear reading glasses for clear vision. It is because that they are not satisfied with the looking of eyeglasses. Actually, modern glasses have made great changes and they are incorporated with fashionable elements.

For some intellectual women, they always keep up with the fashion world. It is believed they will benefit a lot from the modern glasses. The intellectual women often concentrate themselves on reading and their eyes are easy to be fatigued. Long time exposure to jobs or reading may result in fuzzy vision. At this time, they should make up their mind to pick out a pair of stylish reading glasses. They needn’t worry about that reading glasses will make them look older than they are actually.

Modern glasses designed for hyperopia users are available in different materials, shapes and colors. They are made of more advanced materials, such as memory plastic, titanium, which can make people feel more comfortable. Concerning the colors, they have various selections. Just they can imagine what color they want. Many eyewear manufacturers have launched a series of stylish eyeglasses, which can meet diverse tastes.

Certainly, many women like to go shopping online. They can also buy modern reading glasses from the optical online shops. Contrast to the local ones, they are sold at comparatively prices. What’s more, some brand names eyeglasses are supplied at the online shops. One typical example of the online shops is It mainly provides modern style glasses while still offering a small number of retro models. It is widely known that modern eyeglass models are mostly made with modern and contemporary designs.

Glasses online can help customers keep up with the latest designs. For some intellectual women, they are sure to get a pair of suitable one.

Tips of Buying Fashion Reading Glasses for Women

December 13th, 2010

Fashion reading glasses have a dominant role in the current eyewear markets. When concerning the fashion, most people first link it with women. It seems that women are more likely to lead the way in the fashion. Some studies suggest that men reading glasses are bought on the criteria of durability and fit. However, women are easier to be attracted by fashionable looks. Therefore, fashion reading glasses are usually particularly for women.

In the current eyeglasses market, fashion reading glasses come in a diverse variety. Both designer glasses and non-branded glasses are available. Sometimes, women are hesitated to decide which one to choose whether in local or online optical shops. So, women need to take several factors into consideration before they go to the optical shops.

Fashion must come first. As we know, women are always the fashionable fans. They expect their possessions to be stylish. Reading glasses can’t be excluded. Women should be aware that the style they want, the current style or a new image. Sometimes, a new pair of fashion reading glasses will create a profoundly new image. The style should be decided on the basis of your face shape and qualities.

Then you should pay attention to the colors. Different colors will bring different visual effects. The colors also have wide selections. The colors of fashion reading glasses appear different all the year around. According to the season that you buy glasses, you can choose the right color. Of course, it’d better be suitable to your clothes and hair styles. A whole collaboration will make you look fabulous.

Finally, the quality of glasses can’t be missed. A pair of high-quality reading glasses will make you feel comfortable. High quality sometimes equals to high price. Before buying the glasses, you should consider it carefully. Reading glasses with fashionable appearance can be also at reasonable prices. You can take good advantage of information and resources.

Also, you can refer to fashion magazines. With the above tips, you are believed to get a pair of comfortable fashion reading glasses.

When Reading Glasses Are Given Fashion

November 10th, 2010

When fashion has existed throughout our life, all kinds of things are closely related with fashion, even reading glasses.

In modern times, reading glasses have evolved from the black granny ones. They are more trendy and fashionable. Individuals can get the most suitable ones according to their personal preference. Whether a college student or a professional business person, anybody who needs reading glasses frequently would opt for fashion reading glasses. With the fashion reading glasses, they can be confident and natural as usual. They needn’t to worry about that they may appear older than their real ages.

Nowadays, fashion reading glasses are the same as other fashionable products. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you like blue, green or purple, all of them are available to suit your qualities. Some of them are incorporated with additional features, such as tinting in sunlight, a relevant degree of UV radiation protection. They act like sunglasses to some degree. Certainly, the prices are comparatively high than the average ones. There are also many fashion reading glasses at reasonable prices. They are stylish and various, but not the brand names.

Fashion reading glasses not only make people read clearly, but also make people become fashionable. With the appearance of fashion reading glasses, many people with presbyopia can have a better choice. When matched with fashionable clothes, they will be always the outstanding one among a group of people. How exciting the news is!

People like to catch up with the pace of times. And the modern times offer people more convenience and material comforts. Fashion reading glasses appear in the right time and many people will benefit from it. When reading glasses are given fashion, it will attract more attention from presbyopic friends. Everyone will get a pair of satisfying reading glasses.

Cheap Reading Glasses Make You Read Clearly

November 1st, 2010

Generally speaking, people are around the age of 40, they are easy to find that reading starts to become difficult. When you will probably start to notice that your eyes don’t seem to focus on close like they used to and your eyes seem slow to focus on from near to far, you may have to face the fact that it might be the time to buy a pair of reading glasses.

In fact, reading glasses are used for presbyopia. Many people are tired of wearing reading glasses, which seems to mean that they are old enough. For another reason, they always think the appearances of reading glasses in the current market are out-of-date. In recent years, the styles of reading glasses are not just only one style and have bad appearance. Manufacturers and designers spend more time creating stylish reading glasses. Wearing reading glasses can make you look fabulous, too.

Indeed, it is a pleasant thing for people who need to wear reading glasses. They don’t need to be afraid of wearing reading eyeglasses. But where can eye wears look for high-quality eyeglasses? The local optical shops or eyeglasses counter in the super market. Many people find that the prices are too high to afford.

In contrast to the above ones, reading glasses online are much cheaper. Many manufacturers sell eyeglasses through the Internet. The quality is the same as the ones in local shops. Owing to low cost, the prices are comparatively low. In the aspects of styles, numerous of latest designs are provided. You can choose your style according to your likes or dislikes. It would be better if you have an eye exam. Precise parameters can make sure that you have the right lenses.

Once you have the vision problems like presbyopia, you should buy a pair of comfortable reading glasses right now. Chic reading glasses not only make you read clearly, but also make you look vintage.

Fashion Reading Glasses for Presbyopia

October 28th, 2010

Many people are sensitive to presbyopia even though they have presbyopia themselves. In fact, millions of people suffer from the tough visual problems around the world. It is caused by the eye’s natural aging, which is irreversible and unpreventable. Presbyopia is a vision problem closely associated with an old age, especially at the ages of 40s, 50s and 60s. People suffering from this condition have difficulty in reading books, menus, newspapers and magazines, as well as managing computer work and many fine detail activities.

Still, the common solution to the problem is to wear reading glasses. And eyeglasses manufacturers are preoccupied with creating stylish reading glasses. Reading glasses today are quite different from the old granny ones. They are more fashionable and diverse. People who like to be outstanding in the fashion can also find a pair of suitable reading glasses for themselves.

Due to the wide availability of fashion reading glasses, presbyopic ones can gain normal vision while carrying their reading activities. With the help of a pair of readers, they needn’t to hold reading materials intentionally at an arm’s distance any longer. When selecting reading glasses, people pay more attention to the lenses. Reading eyeglass lenses come in various magnifying powers. A higher power indicates a higher degree of magnification. It is very important to have a comprehensive exam by an experienced optician before choosing the right lens power.

In other aspects, they hope to look fashionable while wearing reading glasses. With a guarantee of precise lens power, it is possible to follow the latest trends in reading eyewear industry. Both local optical shops and online ones provide fashion reading glasses. They can choose the most suitable one from huge options. Some brand names also launch reading glasses with unique designs. But prices are much higher than the average prices.

With so many selections, people with prespyopia can find a pair of comfortable reading glasses finally.