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Specialty Eyewear: Glasses for Special Occasions and Tasks

July 22nd, 2011

While “one size fits all” might be true with some other products, it’s rare that one pair of eyeglasses is suitable for all occasions. You may need to put on your reading glasses to read a novel and switch to some protective eyewear when you decide to go out with a punch of buddies to shoot hoods. And when you are working in front of a computer for long hours, those regular eyeglasses don’t really do anything in cutting off the eye strain. With eyeglasses, you need to put on the right pair for the right occasion and task. Specialty eyewear, eyeglasses designed specially for certain tasks can help you optimize your vision for almost any scenario.

Computer Glasses

Do you often spend long hours in front of a computer working on your soon overdue reports? If you do, you must be familiar with the agony. Computer vision syndrome has become a major job-related complaint as these machines have taken over the workplace all together in the last few decades. You may not be able to escape computers, but you can put on some specially designed eyewear for computer work to make you feel better. Designed specifically for intermediate and close-up distances, the zones most associated with computer use, computer-specific eyewear gives you the best correction for these distances and helps you avoid eye strain.

Driving Glasses

Driving-specific glasses basically fall into two categories: sunglasses designed specifically for driving and prescription eyeglasses. Sunglasses for driving feature polarized lenses that reduce glare and make it easier to see in bright sunlight. Many accidents occur because the drivers couldn’t see other cars or a pedestrian because of glare reflecting off the road or the sun burning in their eyes. Polarized sunglass can reduce glare and make it easier to see in bright conditions. Besides, polarized lenses tinted specifically for driving can increase contrast for sharper vision, giving the driver a clearer view to navigate. Prescription eyewear for driving on the other hand includes an appropriate distance prescription and lenses with an anti-reflective coating. This special coating reduces glare reflecting off the front and back surfaces of your lenses. They also allow more light to enter your eyes for better vision when driving at night.

Safety Eyewear

To protect their eyes from potential eye injuries, many people buy specialty eyewear that are designed for safety functions. This type of glasses is usually made of ultra-durable materials and provides more coverage than regular glasses. The frame usually features a wraparound design or includes top and side shields. Spring hinges are often included for adding durability. In terms of lenses, most of these glasses choose lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate or Trivex lenses to achieve comfort and extra eye protection.

Aspheric Lenses: Better Vision and Better Appearance

July 18th, 2011

Do you suffer from serious farsightedness and find yourself not accessible to those beautiful and funky frames because your lenses are too thick? Well, if you do, you are certainly not alone. Many people are caught up in this dilemma where they have to compromise the style to make sure their eyeglasses match their prescription so that they can see clearly. However, with aspheric lenses, they don’t have to wear limited kinds of frames anymore.

Thanks to advanced optical design technology, lenses can now be made with much flatter curves than the conventional ones, giving them a slimmer, more attractive look. Compared with conventional lenses which have a front surface that is spherical, meaning it has the same curve across the entire surface, aspheric lenses feature a front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center out to the edge. This unique design makes sure aspheric lenses match the same prescription as their conventional counterparts do and at the same time are much slimmer.

Although aspheric lenses are generally much thinner than conventional ones, the difference is especially dramatic in lenses that correct farsightedness, also known as convex or “plus” lenses. These lenses are thicker in the center and thinner at the edges, with the center of the lens typically bulging forward from the frame. Made with much flatter curves, aspheric lenses don’t have such problem. This not only gives the eyewear a slimmer, more flattering profile but also makes it possible for those who have a strong prescription to choose from a larger variety of frames without worrying the lenses being too thick.

Different from plus lenses, eyeglass lenses that correct myopia, also known as concave or “minus” lenses are thinnest at the center and thickest at the edge. The slimming effect of an aspheric design is less dramatic in these lenses, however, compared with conventional lenses for myopia correction, it still makes a noticeable reduction in edge thickness, making the lenses more lightweight and fixed to the frames.

Because aspheric lenses have flatter curves than conventional lenses, they fit closer to your face, which is a major benefit for anyone who needs a strong prescription. Conventional spherical lenses with a strong prescription can cause unwanted magnification or minification, which for farsightedness glasses, makes objects appear larger and closer than they actually are and gives the wearer’s eyes an unnaturally magnified, “bug-eyed” look, and for nearsightedness glasses, makes things look smaller and give the wearer’s eyes a small, “beady-eyed” appearance. Aspheric lenses greatly reduce these unwanted effects, so the world looks more natural to the wearer, and the wearer’s eyes look more natural to everyone else.

Sarah Palin: Those Glasses May Be Back Next Year

July 13th, 2011

With the election year just around the corner, many candidates have already started their journeys towards the 2012 nomination. New terminologies like “Obamni Care” have been coined and debates are being held, turning the smell of the battle up again. While everybody is wondering which Republican will get the nomination this time, people in the optics business have something else on their mind. They are thinking weather what happened with Sarah Palin Glasses three years ago could reappear, giving their industry a much deserved shot in the arm.


Three years ago, Sarah Palin created quite a stir with her rimless eyeglasses. The Alaska governor and then Vice President nominee had her eyeglasses updated to a set of lightweight, titanium, rimless rectangular frames during the general election. The frames were custom-made for her by Home Optics, an upscale retailer in Chugiak, Alaska. The owner ofHome Optics went to Palin’s home in Alaska and fitted her right in her kitchen. Shen then provided as many as 500 sets of frames for the governer to choose from and helped her to narrow down to 5 sets. The ultimate winner was picked with the help of Gov. Palin’s family. Joy Leedham, the owner of Home Optics, commented on the new look, saying that the new frames helped Gov. Palin look fashion-forward.

After only a couple of public appearances, these specs caught attention. Italle, the U.S. distributor of the frames’ Japanese Designer Kazuo Kawasaki, said they kept getting phone calls from dealers who are eager to stock the exact same shape and style that Gov. Palin was wearing. Women everywhere were asking, “Where did she get those glasses? They look so good her. I want to find them.” Gov. Palin was certainly not the first famous woman who had worn eyeglasses, however, it had been quite a while since the last time someone had given the optical industry a shot in the arm like she had done. With the craze building up alongside the general election, insiders of the optical business were only wondering what would happen if she had won.

Well, as history went, she didn’t win, which suddenly stopped the short-lived boom she had given to the eyeglasses business. After the election of Barrack Obama, T-shirts with his face or his campaign slogan are everywhere on the street, announcing politicians’ huge influence in the fashion field.

2012 will be which party’s lucky year is still unknown. What is known is no matter how far Gov. Sarah Palin will go this time, you are sure to see these glasses again.

Top Female Celebs Who Wear Eyeglasses

July 12th, 2011

Although often considered geeky and bookish, eyeglasses are being recognized and worn by more and more female celebrities. Occasionally rocking the four-eyed look has become a trend. Everyone from Anne Hathaway to Katy Perry has been known to sport a pair of eyeglasses every now and then. Now follow us in our countdown of top Hollywood female celebrities who wear eyeglasses.

Anne Hathaway

The last few years have seen Anne Hathaway’s career on a rocketing venture. The princess we know back in he days of The Princess Diaries 1and 2 have grown to be a full-rounder in film. She’s done comedy with Steve Carell in Get Smart. She was the revered romantic author Jane Austin in Becoming Jane. She even partnered up with the actress of our age Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada and her nuanced performance in Rachael Getting Married won her endless critical review and an Oscar nomination for best actress. Just when people are wondering is there anything this woman can’t do, she’s stepped her feet into the stand up comedy territory, partnering up with James Franco to host the 83rd Academy Awards.


Earlier this year, at Harvey Weinstein’s pre-Oscar dinner, Anne Hathaway showed off her geeky side, sporting a pair of black-framed eyeglasses. The beautiful and talented actress made frames look sexier than ever before.

Katy Perry


As one of the most popular singers of your time, Katy is certainly daring in deciding what to wear. These funny eyeglasses shaped in the form of hearts not only give out a cute vibe but also reflect an easy going personality. The California Gurls super star is having an incredible year. Her breakthrough album named Teenage Dream became one of only nine albums in the music history to ever produce four or more Hot 100 number ones. And that was only her second studio album How far she will go in the future is certainly unpredictable. What is predictable is that her unique taste in eyewear will undoubtedly influence people’s view towards eyeglasses.

Meryl Streep


You probably remember Meryl Streep’s killer performance in the movie Devil Wears Prada, a performance that won her rave reviews and yet another Oscar nomination. Catering to people’s curiosity towards the dazzling world of fashion, the movie became a smash hit after it debuted in 2006. Sponsored by many heavyweight fashion names, the movie was also the most expensively costumed movie ever. Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly, Chief Editor of the Runway magazine. The eyeglasses that she wore in the movie even triggered endless discussion online. Everyone was guessing who designed those sexy glasses and where they can get their hands on one pair. Although which brand is behind the glasses may never be revealed, one thing that’s for sure is that those glasses did keep people talking for a long period of time to come.

Reading Glasses: the Best Solution for Reading Problems

July 11th, 2011

Are you having problems reading print or computer screens? Do you find yourself straining your eyes to read printed materials or having to hold fine print away from your face just so you can read them? If yes, you might need a set of reading glasses.

Some people who have the above mentioned vision problems have never experienced any vision problems before. For them, reading glasses are the best option to solve their problems. They are very easy to adjust to and cost effective. The wearer can just look down through the glasses to read and look forward for regular vision. No need to put them on and off.

For the rest who have more than just reading problems to cure, reading glasses remain a popular choice. While bifocals, trifocals and the latest progressive glasses work well for some, most people find them difficult to use. In order to see at far, mid-range and up close ranges, the wearer has to look through different parts of the lenses. As an alternative, one can have a set of eyeglasses for distance vision and a set for reading. This is a good solution especially for people who are just beginning to experience Presbyopia. Reading glasses are usually small and compact making them easy to clip on and off whenever needed and easy to store and carry around with.

If you intend to get yourself one pair of such glasses, the first thing you need to do is to see a specialist and have your problems diagnosed with detail. Remember not all reading glasses have prescription lenses. If you are just like most people who don’t have any other problem except for reading, a set of non-prescription reading glasses that magnify the material that is enough for your purpose.

One thing you should notice when purchasing reading glasses is that they are different from computer glasses. Because computer glasses are specially designed for people have to work long hours in front a computer, they are not for the right distance for reading. Remember to distinguish when you are in the store.

Reading glasses come in two basic styles: full lens and half lens, with no one better than the other. You can make your decision based on your personal preference. There are also endless colors and shapes to choose from. You can easily find the one pair that matches your wardrobe, your hair color, your facial shape and even your attitude.

The Evolution of Glasses

November 26th, 2009

People suffering from eyesight problems a century ago might have never thought of having a clear vision with the assistant of glasses and those might also have thought of wearing glasses directly on the eyeball surfaces. Yes, it is the magic of high-tech.

Then, let’s together have a review of the evolution of glasses in modern times.

Eyeglasses in modern times were heavy framed, and the lenses were heavy and thick, which glasses wearer over 50 may remember. Apparently, that kind of glasses are very uncomfortable to wear, neither is good looking, plus they are very easy to damage for the lenses are made from glass. Frames at that time are made either from tortoise and some other natural things or from wire. Therefore, they were fairly expensive and only the rich could afford a pair.

With the development of society and technology, plastics are introduced to the glass lens production. Featured with light weight, higher index of refraction, plastic lenses went over big as soon as they came into the market. The only drawback of plastic lenses compared with glass is that they are inclined to be scratched, however, the later technology of coating solve the problem in some degree. Plastics can also be used into the frame production. The beak resistant plastics not only improve the glass performances but also bring down frame prices, making glasses a common product for common people.

Besides, alloys applied in glass frame production are flexible and of shape memory. Gradually they gain popularity by the mass as well.

With the further development of technology, the contact lenses, which correct vision by covering the visible portion of the eye, or say the sclera, come into being. At the very beginning, contacts lenses were mostly hard or rigid, which made them uncomfortable to wear, but they were very as clear, light weight and with higher index of refraction as plastic. What’s more they helped the wearers get rid of the bound of glasses.

Later, materials for contacts came to be various and then the hard lenses were gradually eliminated. What’s more, the designation of small grooves and holes enable oxygen easy to get through the lens, and the tears flows more freely, greatly improving the eye health. Contacts of those kinds take very little adaptation time, so most wearers are able to wear without eye irritation and infection. The new wearers are suggested to remove the lenses at least a few hours per week.

Caring For Your Glasses

November 19th, 2009

You may think one wearing glasses appear to be a bookworm many years ago, however, wearing glasses in modern society has become another fashion, especially when one wear a pair of stylish designation. Glasses of different styles show different characteristics of a person, for example, black frames make one look fashionable, half-rimless make one look intellectual, rimless glasses make one look elegant.

However, those of us who wear glasses know that over a short period of time we can ruin the lenses by incorrect cleaning. This section contains information and advice on how to look after glasses. It highlights common problems, tells you how to avoid those problems and provides practical instructions on how to care for your glasses.

1. Never clean the lenses when they are dry, but clean them under warm running water. Because when rinsing lenses dry, either with paper towels, handkerchief or tissue paper, the lenses are easy to get scratched. If there is dirt and grime on the spectacle lenses, extra time should be taken to take the dirt away.

2. Rinsing lenses with soap is better. With soap, then lenses are more likely to be cleaned, getting shining like new. Then, flush out the lather with running water and use drinking paper or tissue to absorb the water on lenses or use a dry soft cloth to pat them dry. One thing should be kept in mind is that do not rub the lenses while drying, in case of scratches.

3. Brush grime off the nose pads. Grime on nose pads is usually neglected. Method to clean the grime is to use a soft toothbrush and brush them gently. Remember to be careful, in case of grazing the lenses accidentally.

4. Whenever taking off your glasses, either on the desk or glasses case, remember to cover them with a soft cloth. Never throw your glasses recklessly into your bag or bed, for it is very easy to make your lenses scratched by other items.

5. Last but not the least point is something that you have to pay attention to in daily life: never lay your glasses face down, in case of scratching the lenses by the surface of desk or floors; remove your glasses with both hands to prevent bending the frame; always store your glasses in a hard case.

Those tips for glasses cleaning are rather simple, which will not take you much time. If you want to enable your glasses, especially lenses more durable, try those tips above regularly.

As we all know, eyes are precious to us, thus many people attach much importance to the prescription of glasses. They prefer to purchase a pair of glasses in exclusive stores, because they are of the best quality, and they are highly efficient. However, the point is that glasses in those optical stores are rather expensive, therefore, in order make full use of the money that you have spent, it becomes responsible to take care of your glasses, or you will have to end up paying more amount of money because of your reckless, irresponsible ways of caring glasses.

Wash your glasses everyday, both for your money and for your eyes.