Top Female Celebs Who Wear Eyeglasses

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Although often considered geeky and bookish, eyeglasses are being recognized and worn by more and more female celebrities. Occasionally rocking the four-eyed look has become a trend. Everyone from Anne Hathaway to Katy Perry has been known to sport a pair of eyeglasses every now and then. Now follow us in our countdown of top Hollywood female celebrities who wear eyeglasses.

Anne Hathaway

The last few years have seen Anne Hathaway’s career on a rocketing venture. The princess we know back in he days of The Princess Diaries 1and 2 have grown to be a full-rounder in film. She’s done comedy with Steve Carell in Get Smart. She was the revered romantic author Jane Austin in Becoming Jane. She even partnered up with the actress of our age Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada and her nuanced performance in Rachael Getting Married won her endless critical review and an Oscar nomination for best actress. Just when people are wondering is there anything this woman can’t do, she’s stepped her feet into the stand up comedy territory, partnering up with James Franco to host the 83rd Academy Awards.


Earlier this year, at Harvey Weinstein’s pre-Oscar dinner, Anne Hathaway showed off her geeky side, sporting a pair of black-framed eyeglasses. The beautiful and talented actress made frames look sexier than ever before.

Katy Perry


As one of the most popular singers of your time, Katy is certainly daring in deciding what to wear. These funny eyeglasses shaped in the form of hearts not only give out a cute vibe but also reflect an easy going personality. The California Gurls super star is having an incredible year. Her breakthrough album named Teenage Dream became one of only nine albums in the music history to ever produce four or more Hot 100 number ones. And that was only her second studio album How far she will go in the future is certainly unpredictable. What is predictable is that her unique taste in eyewear will undoubtedly influence people’s view towards eyeglasses.

Meryl Streep


You probably remember Meryl Streep’s killer performance in the movie Devil Wears Prada, a performance that won her rave reviews and yet another Oscar nomination. Catering to people’s curiosity towards the dazzling world of fashion, the movie became a smash hit after it debuted in 2006. Sponsored by many heavyweight fashion names, the movie was also the most expensively costumed movie ever. Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly, Chief Editor of the Runway magazine. The eyeglasses that she wore in the movie even triggered endless discussion online. Everyone was guessing who designed those sexy glasses and where they can get their hands on one pair. Although which brand is behind the glasses may never be revealed, one thing that’s for sure is that those glasses did keep people talking for a long period of time to come.


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