Caring For Your Glasses

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You may think one wearing glasses appear to be a bookworm many years ago, however, wearing glasses in modern society has become another fashion, especially when one wear a pair of stylish designation. Glasses of different styles show different characteristics of a person, for example, black frames make one look fashionable, half-rimless make one look intellectual, rimless glasses make one look elegant.

However, those of us who wear glasses know that over a short period of time we can ruin the lenses by incorrect cleaning. This section contains information and advice on how to look after glasses. It highlights common problems, tells you how to avoid those problems and provides practical instructions on how to care for your glasses.

1. Never clean the lenses when they are dry, but clean them under warm running water. Because when rinsing lenses dry, either with paper towels, handkerchief or tissue paper, the lenses are easy to get scratched. If there is dirt and grime on the spectacle lenses, extra time should be taken to take the dirt away.

2. Rinsing lenses with soap is better. With soap, then lenses are more likely to be cleaned, getting shining like new. Then, flush out the lather with running water and use drinking paper or tissue to absorb the water on lenses or use a dry soft cloth to pat them dry. One thing should be kept in mind is that do not rub the lenses while drying, in case of scratches.

3. Brush grime off the nose pads. Grime on nose pads is usually neglected. Method to clean the grime is to use a soft toothbrush and brush them gently. Remember to be careful, in case of grazing the lenses accidentally.

4. Whenever taking off your glasses, either on the desk or glasses case, remember to cover them with a soft cloth. Never throw your glasses recklessly into your bag or bed, for it is very easy to make your lenses scratched by other items.

5. Last but not the least point is something that you have to pay attention to in daily life: never lay your glasses face down, in case of scratching the lenses by the surface of desk or floors; remove your glasses with both hands to prevent bending the frame; always store your glasses in a hard case.

Those tips for glasses cleaning are rather simple, which will not take you much time. If you want to enable your glasses, especially lenses more durable, try those tips above regularly.

As we all know, eyes are precious to us, thus many people attach much importance to the prescription of glasses. They prefer to purchase a pair of glasses in exclusive stores, because they are of the best quality, and they are highly efficient. However, the point is that glasses in those optical stores are rather expensive, therefore, in order make full use of the money that you have spent, it becomes responsible to take care of your glasses, or you will have to end up paying more amount of money because of your reckless, irresponsible ways of caring glasses.

Wash your glasses everyday, both for your money and for your eyes.


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