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A Simple Guide To Choose Optical Glasses Online

November 8th, 2011

Optical glasses, otherwise known as prescription eyeglasses, are the ones that have vision correction capabilities and are often used as a means to improve people’s eyesight. They are a pretty important aid for those who suffer from various vision problems, helping them through the most basic tasks on a daily basis. It is fatally important that you get a pair that is immaculately tuned and that fits you just fine for once you got the prescription of your glasses wrong, everything else in your life is bound to follow suit. Traditionally, optical glasses are bought and sold in stores and at malls, but recently, like just about any other commodity that was once only transacted offline, more and more purchases of optical eyeglasses are done online, at the comfort of the buyer’s home and with the convenience of merely clicking of mouse. Although buying glasses online is no longer considered a novel matter, there does exist some common rules you need to remember when you tend to have your eyeglasses updated online.

The first step toward getting an ideal pair of optical eyeglasses is to have your eyes fully and minutely checked at a professional’s. And when you leave the door, don’t forget to take your prescription with you, because that’s what you need to land the perfect glasses on the Internet. For any optical glasses wearer, it’s a matter of life and death to get his prescriptions right, for without the appropriate prescription, all the subsequent efforts on materials and styles will all go in vain. Once you have your prescription powers clear, you can go online and do a search on websites or optical stores that sell such glasses.

When you get to the place where you intended to go, make sure to find the optical glasses category first. Normally, an online optical store would provide anything from shades to optical glasses. Sometimes, it is tagged under prescription glasses or RX glasses. If you find such tags, don’t worry, they are basically the same thing. Next, you need to find the wanted prescription and after that, there are two things that need to be addressed. One is eyeglass lenses, and the other glasses frames. When one chooses glasses online, he needs to decide is he wants rosin lenses or glass ones. Nowadays, glasses lenses have gradually been replaced by rosin ones for their better durability. However, there are still lenses made in glass for those who are particularly in favor of such material. As for frames, optical glasses can come in numerous styles, and it is matter of pure personal taste what you choose. So, have your prescription chosen exactly and lenses and frames chosen based on your special condition and you will find yourself on the right rack toward getting the ideal pair.

Famous Eyeglasses Brands From UK: The Best ON The Planet

August 28th, 2011

As the country which gives us Shakespeare and The Beatles, Britain has a lot to offer when it comes to eyeglasses, too. Out of Great Britain has come many a famous eyewear brands that not only established their dominance in the British Isles, but also have strong footholds in the international market as well. With a touch of gentlemanship attached to them, UK eyeglasses have a long history that dates back to the middle ages of aristocracy. In the days of the feudalism, eyeglasses had already become a functional device and a useful accessory indicating the owner’s social status. With such a strong historical background, it should not be a surprise that many of the most aestheticly trend-setting and commercially competitive eyewear brands today are coming from this land of wonders. Here we list some of them so as for our readers to get a glimpse of some of the most exciting eyeglasses ever made on this planet.
UK eyeglasses

When it comes to eyeglasses, the first that comes to mind has to be Burberry. Anyone who knows the least about British fashion houses probably have heard about it before. Founded by a 21 years old Thomas Burberry in 1835, Burberry originally specialized in producing water-proof coats made from a fabric called gabardine, which later became the worldly famous British raincoat, but later became a all round fashion house having its feelers in every field from footwear, clothing, perfume and eyewear. Burberry’s eyeglasses collections feature the latest styles and trends in modern designer fashion and are all crafted to the highest level of quality. Targeted mainly to metropolitan consumers aged 25 and older, their recently launched ophthalmic collection consisting of one rimless design and three fully framed design has been caught on fire. The styling of the line is so unbelievably strong that the selling potential is endless, such commented Dick Russo, Senior Vice President of Safilo.

uk eyeglasses

In a conversation of UK designer eyeglasses, you can’t skip John Lennon. Named after the music icon, the brand specialize in making those glasses resembling that was worn and made popular by the man himself when he was still alive. Unlike those replicas you can find anywhere online, John Lennon provide the authentic versions of those small round frames in the 80s and 90s. The vintage look and the scarcity of those eyeglasses only make them value more. Recently, the John Lennon eyeglasses are making a major comeback. So, those fashion freaks can look out for it.

UK eyeglasses

Another renowned maker of eyeglasses in UK is Ben Sherman. Like many other fashion houses, they started in clothing as well. But gradually, they became more versatile and move into shoes and accessories. Their eyewear lines feature chic and sleek styles and classic vintage looks as well. Their wide collections make their eyeglasses the best and easiest way to make a fashion statement.

Magnifying Glasses For Reading: Convenient And Helpful

August 23rd, 2011

As we age, many organs of our bodies deteriorate in function, especially our precious eyes. People in their senior ages know very well the painful difficulty of reading fine prints or small letters up close. It started when they hit 40 and in the beginning they can still solve the problem by holding the reading material further away from their eyes, but eventually their hands aren’t long enough, and they have to seek extra help by using optical devices. At times like these, magnifying glasses for reading come in handy. Also known as reading glasses, these glasses use convex lenses to make the reading material larger so you eyes won’t have any problem focusing.

As probably known by many people, our eyes focus at different distances and go from one distance to another by using the crystalline lens in your pupils. As we grow up, the elasticity of your crystalline lenses becomes weaker, and our ability to focus at close up distance follows suit. Magnifying glasses solve the problem by not allowing our crystalline lenses to change again, but bending the light that comes into our eyes so that the information lies at the right spot for our optic nerve to pick up. By using the convex lenses that makes the reading material larger, they allow the wearer to read fine print with ease.

Like many other glasses, magnifying glasses have gone through some renovation to appeal to broader consumer. One of the useful adjustments are little embedded lights that enable the wearer to read in the dark situation. These magnifying glasses with lights answered a huge desire for convenience and comfort in reading things in the dark. With them, you don’t need to get out of bed and turn on the light before you can read. Just put these little gadget on, and you can read your emergency notes right away.

Unlike prescription glasses that are needed for people suffering from myopia, magnifying glasses can be picked up over the counter at your nearest drug store or in online stores. All you need to do is to find that pair that’s got the required power for your reading problems.

Sexy Glasses: Adding a Sexy Edge to Your Look

August 9th, 2011

The days when eyeglasses were thought bookish and nerdy are long gone. Nowadays, glasses are considered sexy and trendy. Many people even wear frames without lenses just for that look. Being the major accessories in the modern wardrobes, it’s amazing what a pair of sexy glasses can do to our appearances and in reflecting our personalities, too. Whether it be eyeglasses or sunglasses, modern eyewear do play a huge role in increasing the sex appeal for both men and women.

In the men’s fashion department, everyone knows sophistication makes a sexy man. A balance struck between the traditional masculinity and the modern exquisiteness is the key. Masculine but not rough. Exquisite yet still manly. That’s why updated classics like aviators are still very much followed by men. The traditional bold and manly look with added delicate details on the arms or lenses has revived the classic style that’s been around for nearly a century. With the retro vintage movement still going at the moment, everything old is new again, added with modern technologies and techniques and making men looking more polished and sexy than ever before. And the sexiness of a man is all about the depth. Dark lenses that hide a man’s eyes and facial expressions make him mysterious and unpredictable, adding the depth and therefore sexiness of the man for sure.

For women, sexy glasses really can do magic to their faces. The ubiquitous cat eye frames make a wild and bold look while the universally loved wraparounds instantly give out a celebrity vibe. Sexy women eyewear are so outrageously everywhere that it is not so much the glasses themselves but how you wear them that’s the most important. No sexy eyewear fits all women. If you are buying sexy eyewear for women now, consider their facial features and their personalities. Choose small and not too loud styles for women with delicate features and large and bold ones for women with broad and strong feature. And if your personality or your office regulations demand for conventional styles, go for it. But if conformity isn’t really your thing and you are always willing to push the boundaries, you may opt for the unique and even extreme ones. Always remember: glasses are only most sexy when worn properly, not only for your faces, but also your hearts.


High-Index Lenses: Thinner and Lighter

July 29th, 2011

People suffering nearsightedness with strong prescriptions often find themselves caught up in a dilemma where they have to compromise style just so they can have the lenses of rx eyeglasses that meet their corrective need. They can only choose from a limited number of frame types to see clearly and lenses that are extremely thick at the edge are required and these lenses aren’t compatible with today’s fashionable frames that are becoming more and more thin and light as a trend. Fortunately, the invention of high-index lenses may solve this problem for them.

High-Index Lenses

As we know, rx eyeglass lenses correct refractive errors by bending light as it passes through the lens. The amount of light-bending ability (lens power) that’s needed to provide good vision is indicated on the eyeglass prescription given by your eye doctor. The bigger the prescription, the larger of a curve is needed to achieve the light-bending effect required, hence the more material it takes to make the lens and the thicker the edges of the lenses will be. Regular lenses for high amounts of nearsightedness or farsightedness can be very thick and heavy, making them not only a pain in the neck to wear but also incompatible with various types of frame styles. New “high-index” plastic lens materials however can bend light more efficiently, which means by using less material than their conventional counterparts, lenses made of this material can achieve just as much light bending effect. Thanks to this new technology, people with strong prescriptions don’t need to limit their choice of frames any more.
High-Index Lenses

To achieve the best vision and appearance, you’d better have your high-index lenses coated up with an anti-reflective lens coating, AKA AR coating. Lenses with this type of coating allows up to 99.5 percent of light reach your eyes so that you can have the optimum vision. Besides that, AR coating can eliminate reflections of light from the lens itself both internally and externally, making the lenses appear nearly invisible, so next time when others are looking at your eyes, the eyes won’t be flashed by the reflection from your lenses. You will see the rest of the world with a more clear and accurate vision and since the light goes both ways, the rest of the world will see a more fresh and confidant you.

Why We Need Reading Glasses and How These Glasses Should Be Purchased

July 25th, 2011

Most people over the age of forty find themselves having difficulties reading little signs or the fine print. Often times they have to hold the reading material further away from them so that their eyes can focus better. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, many of them begin to wear reading glasses. Although reading glasses are probably the most worn type of glasses among people over forty, rarely is the question asked: how exactly do these glasses work?

Well, you see, for our eyes to focus at different distances and go from the distance to the near and vise versa, we need to use the crystalline lenses in our eyes. These lenses are located behind our pupils and can change shape to meet different focusing needs. When we were children, our crystalline lenses had very strong shape changing ability, allowing our eyes to have tremendous power to focus at the near range. However, as we grow older, our crystalline lenses gradually become less elastic. Finally, as we reach the age of around forty, our crystalline lenses’ ability to focus at the usual reading distance is forever impaired. Once this happens, a pair of reading glasses is needed. The whole process is essentially another manifesto of the ever-going process of aging. It happens practically from the moment we were born until that day when we find “we were not young anymore”.

Buying a pair of reading glasses may sound pretty easy, but there are many unknown insights too. For example, do you know that instead of having your reading glasses custom made for you at your optometrist’s, you can actually just go over to a drugstore and pick up one pair. Those are called the over the counter reading glasses, a.k.a OTC reading glasses. Like the OTC drugs that cure your cold, those glasses don’t require any prescription reports to be purchased. You can just go over to the nearest the drugstore and try out their glasses one by one until you find one pair that seems clear at your desired reading distance. These glasses will be enough if what you need is just a pair of reading glasses that help you read. However, in reality, the thing is many people may need not only normal reading glasses but also corrective glasses. For them, the over the counter reading glasses solution is certainly not recommended. They should follow the usual procedure and have their eyes examined by an eye doctor and then have their glasses made accordingly.

In neither of the above mentioned case, however, does it mean that you can skip your routine eye checkups with your eye doctor. Reading glasses may help you read efficiently, and they don’t uncover potential vision-related diseases like your regular medical checkups do.

Unisex Frames:A Style Still Very Much Around

July 25th, 2011

A few decades back, when a philosophy of androgyny took over the fashion world, unisex eyewear became popular. As the time passes, fashion designers’ taste changes. A little into the new century, that philosophy is found almost completely absent. Replacing it is a much more distinguished gap between masculine and feminine, with frames like aviator displaying manliness and women’s glasses celebrating femininity. Following such a path is not only sunglasses which are considered more of a fashion accessory, but also prescription eyeglasses, which for most people are a functional aid to help them see better. It seems there is no room left for unisex glasses. However, if you look hard enough, plenty of unisex eyeglass options are still available. In fact, some optical shops even devote sections of their store to unisex frames.

Designed to specifically appeal to both women and men, unisex glasses have some common features. Among many popular designs for unisex glasses are oval frames, elongated rectangular frames etc. Here we list the top five unisex eyeglasses stylish trends for you so the next time you are shopping for glasses, you have more options to choose from.

1 Rimless and semi-rimless styles with lenses cut in oval shapes.

2 Unique plastic frames in oval and elongated rectangular shapes.

3 Clean and simple thin metal frame styles in titanium and stainless steel.

4 Retro, small, John Lennon style frames, sometimes accented with tinted lenses.

5 New, progressive shapes such as the modified (elongated) rectangle, and the bowtie or butterfly (a rectangle with the ends “tilted” upward).

Compared to its heyday, unisex eyewear certainly isn’t doing all that well now. However, there is one area of eyeglasses frames that is particularly filled with unisex styles. And that is the specailty eyewear realm. These specialty eyewear covers everything from computer use, driving, sports to crafts and hobbies and so on. If you participate in some of these activities, you probably want the kind of eyewear that not only enhance your performance but also increase your enjoyment of them at the same time. If you ask your optician for recommendations of such eyewear, oftentimes what you get as an answer is unisex glasses. These designs specially fit the impact-resistant lenses that are required in special glasses for sports or driving, making them the perfect choice for glasses especially for these tasks.