Famous Eyeglasses Brands From UK: The Best ON The Planet

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As the country which gives us Shakespeare and The Beatles, Britain has a lot to offer when it comes to eyeglasses, too. Out of Great Britain has come many a famous eyewear brands that not only established their dominance in the British Isles, but also have strong footholds in the international market as well. With a touch of gentlemanship attached to them, UK eyeglasses have a long history that dates back to the middle ages of aristocracy. In the days of the feudalism, eyeglasses had already become a functional device and a useful accessory indicating the owner’s social status. With such a strong historical background, it should not be a surprise that many of the most aestheticly trend-setting and commercially competitive eyewear brands today are coming from this land of wonders. Here we list some of them so as for our readers to get a glimpse of some of the most exciting eyeglasses ever made on this planet.
UK eyeglasses

When it comes to eyeglasses, the first that comes to mind has to be Burberry. Anyone who knows the least about British fashion houses probably have heard about it before. Founded by a 21 years old Thomas Burberry in 1835, Burberry originally specialized in producing water-proof coats made from a fabric called gabardine, which later became the worldly famous British raincoat, but later became a all round fashion house having its feelers in every field from footwear, clothing, perfume and eyewear. Burberry’s eyeglasses collections feature the latest styles and trends in modern designer fashion and are all crafted to the highest level of quality. Targeted mainly to metropolitan consumers aged 25 and older, their recently launched ophthalmic collection consisting of one rimless design and three fully framed design has been caught on fire. The styling of the line is so unbelievably strong that the selling potential is endless, such commented Dick Russo, Senior Vice President of Safilo.

uk eyeglasses

In a conversation of UK designer eyeglasses, you can’t skip John Lennon. Named after the music icon, the brand specialize in making those glasses resembling that was worn and made popular by the man himself when he was still alive. Unlike those replicas you can find anywhere online, John Lennon provide the authentic versions of those small round frames in the 80s and 90s. The vintage look and the scarcity of those eyeglasses only make them value more. Recently, the John Lennon eyeglasses are making a major comeback. So, those fashion freaks can look out for it.

UK eyeglasses

Another renowned maker of eyeglasses in UK is Ben Sherman. Like many other fashion houses, they started in clothing as well. But gradually, they became more versatile and move into shoes and accessories. Their eyewear lines feature chic and sleek styles and classic vintage looks as well. Their wide collections make their eyeglasses the best and easiest way to make a fashion statement.


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