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Pearle vision— North America’s leading eye care retailer.

March 18th, 2010

Pearle Vision Inc was founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle in 1958. Pearle Vision had been kept in the position as world’s largest optical stores till 1994 when Pearle Vision lost its status to LensCrafter. By today Pearle Vision has about 850 stores across USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, and together with LensCrafter, Pearle Vision is also held by Italian optical giant Luxottica Retail.

The founder of Pearle Vision Dr. Stanley Pearle was born in 1918. He graduated from optometry school in Chicago in 1940. He served in US navy for a couple of years before he joined Lee Optical in 1948. Ten years later, he started his own store. His store was profitable with his unique concept of creating modern-looking optical stores combining top-quality products and services, good prices, more choices of styles, convenient locations and flexible business hours. He also pioneered the first one-stop eye care service in American optical history, enabling the customers to have their eye examined, get the prescription, select the frames and lenses, and pick up in a few days. For quicker expansion, Pearle Vision began franchising its stores in 1981. In 1985, Pearle Vision was purchased by a UK company Grand Metropolitan in the hope of its business diversification. In 2004, Pearle Vision was merged by Luxottica.

Pearle Vision experienced its major development and expansion through 1960s to 1990s. Now as the demand from the ageing baby boomer who are willing to pay higher prices for the designer eyeglasses slips, Pearle Vision is going to face fierce competition from other discount chains and much cheaper online stores in the world.

The brief introduction of EyeMasters

December 30th, 2009

EyeMasters is one of the eleven store names under the Eye Care Centers of America, Inc., which is one of the largest optical chains in the USA. Eye Masters currently has about 160 optical stores scattered in some 36 states.

EyeMaster used to be an independent name before it was acquired by Eye Care Centers in 1986. Through the expansion by opening new stores after being merged in the name of EyeMasters, EyeMasters gradually reaches today’s scale. Presently EyeMasters has the biggest store number comparing with other 10 store names of the same company.

Eye Masters provides an array of different brands of frames, lenses, contacts and sunglasses. The brands portfolio of Eye Masters ranges from premium high-end designer brands to discounted generic but still good quality eyewear, thus enabling EyeMasters to meet the demands of people from different income levels. In the sunglasses section, Eye Masters has two exclusive collections which are Aztec and ProV respectively.

The basic setting for most of the Eye Masters stores is that the independent eye doctor and grinding and fitting facilities are under the same roof. This gives Eye Masters stores a chance to service its customers with one-stop and one-hour prescription.

Eye Master strongly believes that quality, affordability and service are crucial to the stores’ steady growth. Eye Master has a stringent quality control rules to ensure 100% accuracy of the lenses fitting for customer satisfaction. In case for any reason customer is unsatisfied, EyeMasters has a 30-day money back guarantee to give buyer a full confidence in any purchase in the EyeMaster stores.

EyeMasters treat the comments even complaints from the customers as treasure. This helps keep the service of Eye Master always at the sharp position. The final goal of EyeMaster is to “give you the highest visual acuity while providing an aesthetic appeal.”

Brief introduction of Walmart Optical

December 23rd, 2009

Walmart Optical, the in-store vision center located in the nation’s largest discount retailer Walmart stores, offers the most affordable eye care products throughout the country.

Currently there are about 2500 Walmart Optical vision centers across the nation, serving a customer base of 6 million people. Each Walmart Optical has independent or Walmart-employed doctor of optometry to offer very convenient in-house eye exam and prescription to patients.

Walmart Optical owns and runs 3 complete optical labs, which are in Fayetteville Arkansas, Dallas Texas and Crawfordville Indiana. In early 2009, Walmart Optical has just shut down its centralized lab in Columbus Ohio in an attempt to cut cost in the recession time. Now Walmart Optical and Sams club Optical have about 1300 associates in the three labs. These 3 labs take in the order from all the Walmart Optical and Sams club Optical stores and process the eyeglasses for the patients.

As another attempt to serve its customers better Walmart Optical reached an agreement with the nation’s biggest online contact lenses retailer to offer the customers with greater access to the most affordable contact lenses, and meanwhile doctors in Wal mart Optical stores can help offer the previous 1800Contacts customers with professional eye care services.

Statistics show that 55% of the Wal mart Optical customers don’t have health insurance, this makes the Wal mart Optical their best choice. Walmart Optical continues to commit to high quality yet easily accessible optical products for the customers to see better and live healthier lives.

Brief introduction of Lenscrafters

December 21st, 2009

Lenscrafters used to be the biggest optical retailer in North America, operating about 900 stores across USA, Canada. After being acquired in 1995, Lenscrafters becomes one of the names under the Milan-based Italian eyewear giant Luxottica. Luxottica is the biggest high-end eyewear manufacturing and distributing company in the world.

Lenscrafters was founded by E. Dean Butler in 1983 and was sold to US Shoe Company in 1985, in 1995 Luxottica bought Lenscrafters from US Shoe. Lenscrafters is headquartered in Mason OH, USA. Lenscrafters offers prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and safety glasses for men, women and kids in its stores. Lenscrafters has long been committed to the quality of its products and services. The quality rule of Lenscrafters is that every pair of eyeglasses must be checked twice before sending to customers for 100% accuracy.

In order to offer the most convenient experience of purchasing eyeglasses, Lenscrafters is one of the earliest retailers in America to offer one-stop and one-hour prescription services. Most of the Lenscrafters stores have optometrist’s office adjacent to it, or have on-site eye doctor in Lenscrafters stores. Lenscrafters stores also own in-house optical laboratory for one-hour fitting service.

Lenscrafters’ guarantee and return policy protects the interest of the consumers to the maximum level. Lenscrafters offers 30-day unconditional return or exchange, unlimited times of exchange within 30 days. This gives and ensures its customers a complete peace of mind for any purchase in Lenscrafters. Lenscrafters puts the customer relationship at the heart of all things.

The brief introduction of US Vision

December 15th, 2009

US Vision, a subsidiary of Refac Optical Group, is a retail name of optical goods and service in the United States. Founded in 1967, US Vision operates optical retail stores mainly through leasing spaces in the national department stores such as JC Penney and Sears. There are few freestanding optical stores located mostly in malls under the name of USA Vision, while majority of the US Vision stores inside the department stores are names by directly adding “Optical” after the name of the host store, such JC Penney Optical.

US Vision retail optical departments offer full-service vision care to the customers. USA Vision offers a wide option of all eyewear and other optical products ranging from high-end designer brands to generic eyewear products. And the on-site independent doctor of optometry provides scheduled of walk-in eye exams and write prescription to patients. In order to suit the customers of the specific host stores, USA Vision tailors the special portfolio of eyewear to meet the needs of that store.

USA Vision doesn’t offer one hour service as other retailers advertise on. All the fitting work are done in one centralized lab, so that customers can expect their prescription eyeglasses to arrive in a few day for pickup. Also USA Vision offers express service which customers can pick up the second day. US Vision is the member of Eye Med Vision Care Network to provide managed vision care service. About one-third of the revenues of US Vision are from the programs.

As of May 2007, US Vision runs about 660 locations in 47 states and Canada.

The brief introduction of Sterling Optical

December 14th, 2009

Sterling Optical is a part of the full-service eye care company Emerging Vision in the United States. Founded in 1914 in New York, Sterling Optical is one of the biggest and fastest growing franchising optical chain stores. Today Sterling Optical has about 200 stores of self-owned and franchised stores across USA, Canada and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Sterling Optical stores provide a variety of major brands of contacts, frames and sunglasses at the most competitive and affordable prices. Patients can have professional eye exams in Sterling Vision Care which is adjacent to Sterling Optical stores. Sterling Optical prides itself of providing its customers with quality eyewear and very fast service. The customer service of Sterling Optical is among the best through its communication, commitment to the customers and associates, and its complete professionalism.

As one of the franchise in the United States, Sterling Optical has been repeatedly named as one of the top franchise brand in the country. In order to offer the lowest prices to its customers, Sterling Optical was the first to develop the group discount program to enable the union members to access eye care services. In addition, Sterling Optical was also the first to import private label frames and lenses to substantially reduce the cost, thus Sterling Optical is able to return the savings to its customers.

In the new century, Sterling Optical is still on its way of expansion through franchising, and will continue its efforts to become the leader in the optical industry in the country.

The facts about Eye Care Center of America

December 10th, 2009

Eye Care Centers of America is one of the biggest optical chain retailers in the USA. Currently Eye Care Center of America operates about 400 optical stores in 36 states under 11 different trade names. The most knows names include Vision World, Vision Works, Eyemasters and ValuVision etc.

Eye Care Center of America was founded in 1984 in San Antonio by an investing company. In 2 years, Eye Care Center of America ran 13 eyeglasses stores in Texas and Louisiana with the name of Eye Pro Express. In 1986, Eye Care Center of America bought 20/20 Eye Care Inc., and EyeMasters. By end of 1986, Eye Care Centers of America had up to 40 stores already. In late 1987, Eye Care Center of America was in turn acquired by Sears. In Sears’ hands, Eye Care Center of America continued to expand through acquisition. In 1993, Desai Capital purchased Eye Care Center of America from Sears. Through another 5 years of expansion, in 1998, a Boston company Thomas H. Lee Co., bought 90% of Eye Care Center of America for $325 million. More merging occurred after 1998, and by 2004, Eye Care Centers of America reached a scale of 375 stores in about 30 states under 11 trade names.

All the optical stores of Eye Care Centers of America operate well and rank No. 1 or 2 in the specific service regions. As the typical format of Eye Care Center of America, most of the stores have next door or in-house doctor, as well as the on-site processing lab to offer its customers with one-hour fitting service.

As the slogan of most of the optical stores under Eye Care Center of America, “Why pay more?” represents the company’s philosophy to serve its customers with heart by reducing the general cost of purchasing vision care products. “See better, Pay less” is what Eye Care Centers of America strives to achieve.

American Optical Company – the pioneer of American eyewear industry

October 14th, 2009

American Optical Company is the first American company in the area of design, manufacturing and distributing of high-end eyeglasses and sunglasses. Even by today, American Optical is still one of the largest optical manufacturing companies in the world.

The history of American Optical can be traced back to 1826 when a Connecticut farm boy named William Beecher germinated an idea of producing better quality spectacles. This represented the birth of American Optical Company and the American optical industry.

American Optical gained quick expansion in the early 20th century by exporting AO eyewear to Europe. AT that time the precious metal frames made of silver and gold was popular, American Optical was the most active player in this field. During the WWI, American Optical shipped 2.5 million eyeglasses and sunglasses for the war efforts. In WWII, about 1.4 million pairs of prescription glasses were sent to the US Forces. American Optical was rewarded by US government for its contributions.

American Optical sunglasses also had a story of legend. The first pair of American Optical sunglasses was made in 1876. The proudest part of the story was that styles of special American Optical sunglasses made for US military forces, and by today these AO eyewear sunglasses are still popular among the youngsters.

American Optical is considered to the pride and witness of American optical industry. AO eyewear, both prescription and sunglasses, still represent the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and fashion design. AO eyewear remains the legend of American dream.