The brief introduction of EyeMasters

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EyeMasters is one of the eleven store names under the Eye Care Centers of America, Inc., which is one of the largest optical chains in the USA. Eye Masters currently has about 160 optical stores scattered in some 36 states.

EyeMaster used to be an independent name before it was acquired by Eye Care Centers in 1986. Through the expansion by opening new stores after being merged in the name of EyeMasters, EyeMasters gradually reaches today’s scale. Presently EyeMasters has the biggest store number comparing with other 10 store names of the same company.

Eye Masters provides an array of different brands of frames, lenses, contacts and sunglasses. The brands portfolio of Eye Masters ranges from premium high-end designer brands to discounted generic but still good quality eyewear, thus enabling EyeMasters to meet the demands of people from different income levels. In the sunglasses section, Eye Masters has two exclusive collections which are Aztec and ProV respectively.

The basic setting for most of the Eye Masters stores is that the independent eye doctor and grinding and fitting facilities are under the same roof. This gives Eye Masters stores a chance to service its customers with one-stop and one-hour prescription.

Eye Master strongly believes that quality, affordability and service are crucial to the stores’ steady growth. Eye Master has a stringent quality control rules to ensure 100% accuracy of the lenses fitting for customer satisfaction. In case for any reason customer is unsatisfied, EyeMasters has a 30-day money back guarantee to give buyer a full confidence in any purchase in the EyeMaster stores.

EyeMasters treat the comments even complaints from the customers as treasure. This helps keep the service of Eye Master always at the sharp position. The final goal of EyeMaster is to “give you the highest visual acuity while providing an aesthetic appeal.”


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