Introduction of Bifocals with Typical Designs

April 1st, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Bifocals are some of the most widely used products to deal with several particular eye problems, like astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, etc. that may occur simultaneously. And now, with the development of technology, great achievements are also gained in the making and design of bifocals. Here are bifocals of different types with personalized designs in the market. This is what Benjamin Franklin, the legal bifocal lenses inventor, has never thought of when he had created them initially.

Generally, bifocal lenses can be catheterized into two major types, namely, conventional bifocal lenses and progressive bifocal lenses. The first type is very old and has helped people a lot in the past years. And the latter sort is the latest invention in the industry. It is bettered on the base of the first type. The Conventional lenses have typical division lines in their middle parts and this has lead to very radical vision changes. And some wearers can not get used to them easily. On the contrary, no such line can be found in progressive lenses. The vision transition in them is very natural and nice, and wearers will not suffer from any dizziness as conventional bifocal lenses may cause. Therefore, progressive bifocals become much better alternatives for many wearers. But there is a predicament- progressive bifocal lenses cost much more than other lenses. This is because the making and manufacturing of those lenses are in need of great accuracy in very meticulous ways. Of course, people of different social stratum can choose the ones they can afford.

From another viewpoint, there are some particular bifocal lenses for spectacles. Some wearers of bifocals have to appear on different occasions. But they have to dress up and behave accordingly, so as to meet the needs. So, they may choose to replace different lenses for the same frame.

The designs of bifocals are aimed at wearers of different age group. For example, there are bifocal glasses children. Those glasses are some of the best alternatives for children if they do not want to worsen their vision. The reason is very simple- those special glasses can help enhance children’s eyesight and prevent any sort of vision deterioration.

Later, designers of bifocals have noticed that many wearers have their eyes burnt if go outdoors often. And they prompted bifocal sunglasses. Those sunglasses have benefited people a lot, especially when they have to walk or work outdoors.


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