Some Typical Members in Bifocal Sunglasses Family

April 1st, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

There are no any distinct improvements in bifocals when they are firstly created over two centuries ago. However, when it comes into the 20th century, with a rapid tread of innovation in glasses industry, bifocals have also regained their vitality. It goes without saying that more and more members have joined in those families. Of which, the family of bifocal sunglasses is composed of lots of members.

Because wearers require high of their life quality, much higher standards must be met in those sunglasses. Here is an introduction of some typical and outstanding members in this family.

Bifocal sunglasses reader is the one that has gained great popularity among wearers of all walks of life. It has combined three functions- bifocal, sunglasses and reader. Therefore, with those sunglasses, wearers will get rid of many problems that they have to endure before. The most outstanding feature lies in the word- reader. It can help magnify words or other things accordingly, so as to make sure wearers can have much better vision.

Bifocal sunglasses polarized are also very outstanding. The reason why so many people love to wear is very simple- they are combination of bifocal glasses, sunglasses and polarized glasses. And the most eye-catching feature is being polarized. Therefore, with those sunglasses, wearers can see clear of any objects that may reflect glare to some extent. Some may wearer them while driving; some while fishing; some swimming, etc.

Here is another even better member who has the function of the above two sunglasses- bifocal sunglasses reader polarized. In addition to their basic characteristics- Bifocal and sunglasses, they are also reader and polarized. Therefore, they can help filter out almost all harmful glares and magnify the small and blurred objects.

Another member is called bifocal sun reader. It is really very different and popular among wearers. For example, some people love to read under sunlight with it. But it is proved that such glasses can safely protect eyes from being burnt or damaged.

Of course, there are many other very nice members in the family if judged from different criteria. However, any one of those members is really very nice for people who often go or work outdoors, like driving, fishing, sporting, etc. And people who often work indoors can also wear them if they have to work before computer monitors, etc.


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