Introduction of brown or black lens sunglasses

April 1st, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are firstly popular within celebrities for fashion purpose or mask their identity, especially black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses. In recent years, black lens sunglasses are more and more popular, not only for fashion purpose but also for eye’s health protection. Because the sunlight, especially in summer, is too bright to human eyes, and the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight may harmful to the eye health causing serious eye problems. So black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses wear during outdoor activities are recommended by eye healthcare professionals. Black lens sunglasses can also be used by patients with eye diseases for medical need or the patient with blind eyes.

With the purpose of preventing strong light, sunglasses are usually of deep colors. Black lens sunglasses and brown lens sunglasses are two kinds of the most popular sunglasses. Both black lens sunglasses and brown lens sunglasses’ lenses can be made from either glass or plastic, and with the development of plastic materials, plastic lenses are more and more popular.

Mirrored coatings can also be covered to the black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses for reflecting light. For example, brown lens sunglasses can have a dark blue mirror coating, and black lens sunglasses can have a silver coating.

There are mainly three types of sunglasses made for myopia. The first type is a corrective lens manufactured with dark lens, which can serve as sunglasses, such as black lens sunglasses. Another type is to use a clip-on lens that can be flipped up covering in front of normal glasses. The last type is photochromic lens which may turn to darken gradually in bright light.


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