Bifocal sunglasses for outdoor activities

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As widely known, bifocal reading glasses are generally superior to single vision reading glasses because bifocals can deal with both presbyopia and nearsightedness or farsightedness. Using a pair of bifocal glasses, a presbyopic patient does not need to rely on two separate pairs of different eyeglasses when they suffer from two vision problems. This is really a great help for most presbyopic patients. While the majority of bifocal eyeglasses users wear these glasses indoors, some of them need to achieve similar visual aid outdoors. Everyone knows that an indoor environment and an outdoor environment differ considerably and widely. Easily imaginable differences include light condition, UV radiation and so on. For presbyopic patients who want to read materials or documents in an outdoor environment, bifocal sunglasses are the better choice.

As the average life span extends, more and more people in their 50s and even 60s are still enjoying various outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, sun shinning on the shore, motor cycling, driving and so on. Some of these outdoor activities require a clear near vision. For instance, some people may try to read a newspaper on the shore. In some cases, hunting requires a person to read a map in a forest. Participating in an outdoor race like driving and cycling involves inevitably reading a gauge board. Since these activities are widely enjoyed by part of the presbyopic group, proper vision aid is indispensible. Bifocal sunglasses are truly competent in providing vision correction for presbyopic individuals who still like outdoor activities or sports.

It is easy to interpret that the two basic elements of bifocal sunglasses are vision correction and UV protection. Being in an outdoor environment, these two elements are to some degrees equally important. Achieving good performance during sports or cycling depends highly on appropriate vision correction. But protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays is also important.

C: Bifocal sunglasses are the right choice for presbyopic patients who still like to participate in outdoor activities or sports. Vision correction and UV protection are equally important for them.


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