Reader sunglasses for outdoor reading

April 24th, 2010 by Connie Robertson Leave a reply »

Reader sunglasses are particularly for outdoor reading. In most cases, people use reading glasses indoors, such as reading newspapers and books at home. But for those like sunny activities, sunglass readers are also necessary. Reader sunglasses can keep your eyes safe while looking great.

There always should be sun while boating, snow skiing or just relaxing on the back deck. Sunglasses are essential to provide UV protection for these activities. However, common sunglasses do not provide magnification function, which may be a little pity for some people. Reader sunglasses are the type that offers both UV protection and magnifying for outdoor reading. Sunglass readers are really useful for activities such as reading on the beach or on deck. In addition, reader sunglasses are often needed for map-reading while driving or flying.

Sunglass readers also come in bifocal types. Like ordinary bifocal glasses, the lenses of bifocal reader sunglasses have two sections for different vision types: the upper section for distance vision and the lower section for near reading. Bifocal sunglass readers actually combine three functions: clear distance vision, good reading effect, as well as well UV protection. Bifocal reader sunglasses are especially helpful for golfing, which requires frequent vision switch as well as UV protection. The Bechett bifocal reader sunglasses and Clyde bifocal sunglass readers are some of the common models.

Nowadays, reader sunglasses are available from many brands, such as Aviator and Barz Optics. Most of the sunglass readers cover a medium range of powers, from 1.5 to 2.5.


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