Retro eyeglasses never wear off

April 24th, 2010 by Connie Robertson Leave a reply »

When we are talking about retro eyeglasses, we normally are referring to those antique vintage styles, but the frames and lenses are made of newer materials with same classic look as retro glass. Retro eyeglasses may be traced back to the old era when the eyeglasses were just invented. People seldom connect the retro glass with the specific time period as retro eyeglasses go in cycles.

The most classic retro glass is the round frame or Windors. This is the retro eyeglasses once worn by India’s national hero Ghandi and John Lennon. The round frame retro eyeglasses are even worn by today’s people to express own personality and likings.

As retro glass is the new eyewear copying the old styles, most of the optical stores carry lines of retro eyeglasses to diversify the options for customers. An even easier destination is through internet shops to hunt for the favorite retro glass.

For most of the people, buying a pair of retro eyeglasses is the same as buying clothes to richen the wardrobes. Retro glass commonly is not worn on the daily basis, and retro eyeglasses are only worn on special occasions, such as birthday party or Halloween parties.

If fitted with proper lenses, retro glass is the full-function vision device just like other eyeglasses. Some opticians even produce bifocals and sunglasses out of the retro eyeglasses frames. Through the years over the long history, retro eyeglasses never fade out in the optical world


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