Astigmatism and Bifocal lenses

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Bifocal lenses are proved to be very useful in curing some particular eye problems. Of which, astigmatism can be effectively by them.

Astigmatism, one of the most common eye problems among glasses wearers, has caused a lot of troubles to sufferers. Sufferers of this disease always have blurred vision, for the images of any object can not be directly and accurately projected on the retina. Just because of this, they will have to endure double vision that may cause dizziness if such symptom can not be treated. Generally, based on the causes, astigmatism can be fallen into two sorts, namely, regular and irregular astigmatism. However, any one of the two types is caused by the damage or deformation in cornea or lens.

As so many troubles will be caused by this problem, many sufferers want to get rid of it completely. People have tried every possible effort to tackle it since the problem occurs. And now, there is a very effective ways for it- Wearing bifocal lens for astigmatism is a well-known solution. Here is some specific information about it.

Bifocal lenses are some of the best alternatives to cure astigmatism. Maybe the bifocal lenses history is firmly related to astigmatism. The data has it that the history of those lenses is much shorter that ordinary lenses, only about two and a half centuries. The first bifocal lens inventor is legally said to be Benjamin Franklin. He might be one of the sufferers of astigmatism when he was old. Because he was such a wise and creative man that he had found the solution ultimately. Or he might be a sufferer of other eye problems, as presbyopia, and he made such lenses that were also very useful in treating astigmatism. Anyway, bifocal lenses are very nice alternative to deal with astigmatism.

As for bifocal lens types, there are lined bifocals and no-lined bifocals. This first type is the oldest and commonest member in the family. There is an evident division line in the middle of the lenses. The second type is the latest member in the family. As no such division can be found in those lenses, they are also called progressive bifocals at the same time. And the two types are very good alternatives for people with astigmatism.

All in all, astigmatism can be successfully cured by wearing bifocal lens for astigmatism, and every sufferer of this problem may have a try.


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