What to Do If We Have Presbyopia and Other Near-vision Problems Simultaneously?

March 29th, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Eye is such one of the most important organs for our human beings that we should care it a lot. However, each of us will get old as time goes on. And some unavoidable eye problems may occur as a result. For example, presbyopia is an eye problem that often strikes people who are over forty. And for some of us who have nearsighted or astigmatism, etc. they may suffer a lot when they are over forty.

Luckily, there are two methods to tackle such condition- wearing glasses and receiving surgery.

In fact, ordinary glasses are useless in solving those eye problems. And one of the best alternatives is bifocal lens. In fact, bifocal lenses are also called bifocal lenses Benjamin Franklin. This is because Bifocal lens history is firmly connected with him.  Almost two and a half centuries have passed and many innovations are made on it since bifocal lens was created by Benjamin Franklin. Bifocals are some of the most widely used reading glasses for many aged people or people of other age group.  Most of such lenses are lined, for they are combined by two different cut lenses. And now, there are some no-lined bifocal lenses, also called progressive bifocals. Those lenses are much advanced than conventional bifocals, for there is no radical vision change. Wearers will feel no lenses on their face, as those lenses can provide natural vision. Therefore, most people tend to wear progressive bifocals. And Facts have proved that many people have had their eye problems solved by wearing bifocals, be conventional bifocal lenses or progressive bifocals.

Or in some other cases, like the problems are very serious or the patients do not want to wear glasses, eye surgeries are better alternatives. Among all those eye surgeries, receiving bifocal lens implant is rather good. During this process, only some small incision will be made and patients will not suffer from any great pain. After the surgery, patient will find that they have new eyes, for their eye problems are cured successfully. However, surgery will cost much than ordinary methods.

Keep in mind, we should consult with our eye doctors, no matter which method we choose. If we can do as our doctors suggest, we can get very good results in solving those horrible eye problems.


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