The difference between thick and wire frame glasses

June 26th, 2010 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

Eyewear designers can take many factors into consideration when they try to work out creative, new styles. Future trends are certainly unknown. But we can get some points from the previous trends. In the sunwear world, most products come in large frames, bringing a bold effect. This is because sunglasses are expected to protect the eyes to a maximum degree. Using big frames can realize this functionality easily. But in the prescription eyeglass realm, the general situation is significantly different. Few Rx eyeglasses come in a large frame. A normal size can bring a regular image. The above discussion is about frame size. Yet there are actually many other factors that should be kept in a designer’s mind, like frame shape, color, temple style, nose pad, and even bridge number. Frame thickness is another important aspect that is partially linked with frame size. And this factor divides most products into thick and wire frame glasses.

This writing tries to point out the difference between these two types of eyewear, according to frame thickness. First of all, thick eyeglasses refer to eyewear products that are thick-framed. In other worlds, their frames are thicker than usual. All eyeglass frames have standard size measurements, which can be used to fit them for consumers. Lens size, bridge size and temple length are covered or stated in detail. However, frame thickness is not included. This is likely because frame thickness will not affect the fit of eyewear. It only determines the basic effect of a pair. Spectacles that have thick frames are generally bold, so that they are most suitable for wearers who outgoing and open-minded. Wire frame glasses differ from their thick counterparts considerably.

In the eyewear world, wire frame eyeglasses are those which have a thin frame. The thickness of a typical wire frame may be one third or even one fourth of that of a thick frame. This huge gap would certainly bring completely different effect. While a thick frame appears bold and generous, a pair of wire frame glasses usually shows a delicate and cute image.


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