The necessity of sports glasses

June 26th, 2010 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

Among all types of eyewear products, those for sports use are a typical member. Sports glasses are really important for athletes as well as sports hobbyists. As people in the world continue to enjoy better living standards as a whole, the frequency of participating in sports is also on the rise. Young people especially male ones have lots of opportunity and much passion to play certain sports with friends or colleagues. However, there is a big concern among eye care professionals associated this group of people. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that emergency rooms all over the United States treat more than 42,000 sports-related eye injuries each year. This is definitely a big number. What is more, victims who are younger than 25 account for approximately 72% of the total eye injury cases. And 43% percent occur in kids under 15 years old.

Most of us will be surprised if we get to know the fact that most of these youngsters do not use protective eyewear during their sports entertainments. The use of sports glasses is overwhelmingly necessary when athletes and sports amateurs put themselves into any sport which involves fierce body contact or dangerous objects. Some of the dangerous sports or games can be easily noticed and require the use of protective glasses. They contain baseball, softball, hockey, football and paintball. It is exciting that in the United States there have been certain regulations about sports eyewear usage. For instance, youngsters who want to participate in Little League baseball must use safety eyewear. Protective glasses are also strictly required among players in the National Hockey League.

What are the basic requirements of a typical pair of sports glasses? First of all, the lenses used in sports eyewear must be shatter-resistant. Otherwise serious eye injuries may be caused if there is a flying object hitting the glasses. Polycarbonate is the most widely used lens material due to its good properties. These lenses can also be easily applied by certain treatments that may improve performance. During outdoor activities, UV treatment, polarized filter and anti-reflective coating are usually added to regular polycarbonate lenses.


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