Thick eyeglasses bring a bold look

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People may interpret the phrase thick eyeglasses in different ways. It is true that there was a time when prescription eyeglasses were made of thick lenses if the wearer’s prescription was heavy. Modern eye care professionals are clear that this is actually limited by the lens technology that only thick glass or plastics could at that time provide high vision correction. With the later invention of advanced lens materials like high-index ones, it has become a reality to wear thinner, lighter lenses even if the vision problem is quite severe. The above discussion focuses on the thickness of lenses in prescription eyeglasses. However, the advancements in lens technology have largely eliminated the existence of thick lenses. The reason is very simple that no one wants to get their eyes covered by thick, ugly lenses. Thus thick eye glasses in modern times refer mainly to eyewear products that are thick-rimmed. Thick lenses bring a disappointing look, but thick frames may create an extraordinary effect.

In most cases, thick eyeglasses have a frame that is quite thicker than regular ones. The gap between a thick-rimmed pair and a thin-rimmed pair could be quite large. At some online optical shops, detailed frame thicknesses are provided in certain eyewear models. For careful customers, this information is helpful. And buyers or users of thick glasses may have found that a pair of this type usually has both thick front frame and thick temples. It is understandable that this design follows a natural thought because it can achieve a balance. Due to the unusual effect created by thick frames, these products are quite popular among Rx eyewear users.

Compared with regular eyeglasses, thick eyeglasses are much bolder in terms of appearance. It is easy to imagine that traditional thin-rimmed eyeglasses are delicate. But now, this dominant role is over. Thick-rimmed spectacles bring a considerably different look which is a new element for most people. It is acceptable to say that these glasses add a new element to the Rx eyewear market. Eyeglass design can now take use of frame thickness, rather being limited to traditional factors such as materials, shape, and color.

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