Sports eyewear for better performance and eye protection

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Eyeglasses and sunglasses are widely used in various circumstances by people in all possible fields. In detail, eyewear devices can serve while watching TV at home, working in the office, driving a car, fishing on the water, skiing in a snow field and in many other cases. Compared with regular eyeglasses that are used for vision aid, sports eyewear is considerably different. This phrase covers a wide variety of eyewear products, including prescription sports eyeglasses, sports sunglasses, and sports goggles. As the names reflect, each of these types emphasizes a specific aspect. Sports glasses with a prescription provide vision correction for those who have a visual refractive error or presbyopia. Sports sunglasses focus partially on UV protection and sports goggles or safety eyeglasses are mainly for eye protection.

Except for functional emphasis of specific type of sports eyewear, there are two common points among these different types. Generally speaking, any type mentioned before can both improve performance during sports and offer eye protection. In most sports, vision drives performance. So, eyewear products are now widely designed to enhance sports performance because they can help athletes and amateurs get eyesight in top shape. This is really important even if an athlete has perfect vision. Wearing a pair of sports glasses can help in achieving better vision than rivals. This benefit or functionality is testified by the existence of performance eyeglasses and performance sunglasses. The former type can help exactly in maintaining clear vision. Even if for people who have unaffected vision, performance sunglasses can provide better visual acuity and light contrast.

The other common place among the three types of sports eyewear is the provision of eye protection. In each year, hospital emergency rooms across the United States treat more than 40,000 eye injury cases that are caused during various sports, according to figures from Prevent Blindness America. Another concerning public fact is that most of those injured individuals never know the necessity of using protective eyewear. Recognizing these problems, manufacturers of sports products are strictly required to incorporate protective designs in their eyewear models. For sports enthusiasts, a necessary action is to put on a pair before participating in a sport.


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