Silver-mirrored and silver-framed sunglasses

June 21st, 2010 by Edward Turner Leave a reply »

The current eyeglass and sunglass market offers numerous products in various colors, materials, and styles. There are still emerging eyewear models that are supposed to meet the increasingly colorful needs of modern customers. For people who have got bored with the traditional eyewear products, silver eyeglasses and sunglasses are much probably a good option that may bring a new and exciting experience. Silver eyeglasses can be glasses that use silver to make the frame and the others that are silver-colored in frame. This classification is in accordance with the two meanings of silver as a word. Wearing a pair of silver glasses for vision correction may bring an elite look. Unlike silver eyeglasses, silver sunglasses are a wider concept which covers many more products. This is because sunglasses can be tinted both in lenses and in the frame, thus silver sunglass frames and silver sunglass lenses are equally available.

From the perspective of sunglass lenses, silver sunwear refers mainly to sunglasses that have silver-mirrored lenses. It is easy to find sunglass lenses in some tints, like green, rose, pink, gray, orange and so forth. But silver-tinted sunglass lenses could be seldom seen. One of the typical models of silver sunglasses of mirrored type is the Aviator 70’s style classic full mirror chrome silver sun glasses. Of course, wearing a pair of silver-mirrored sunglasses can help a person create a unique look while being in the public. But more importance of these sunglasses lies in their optical benefits. Applied to the front surface of sunglass lenses, a silver mirror coating can block an additional 10 percent to 60 percent of visible light, bringing greater visual comfort in extremely bright conditions. Hiking, skiing or snowboarding in such an environment will find silver-mirrored sunglasses quite helpful.

Even if sunglasses with silver lenses are the major type, there are actually still silver-framed sunglasses, which include those with silver-colored frames and the others take silver as the frame material. Silver sunglasses of this latter category are less seen. But they can create a similar effect as eyeglass frames that are made of silver.


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