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Thick glasses

June 28th, 2015

Thick glasses always have a thick frame. So thick glasses always called thick-rimmed glasses. These bold eyeglasses frame has become a badge of style in eyewear. Whether your frame of choice is black to accentuate the rim’s shape or golden tortoiseshell to complement your skin tone, thick glasses choice can do big things for your look. Thick glasses have been around for a long time and they have been popular with men and women of every generation, especially black thick glasses will always be in style and there are good reasons for it.

Thick glasses with black frame are classic. They have been a constant throughtout history. While the styles have changed slightly to incorporate modern innovations and styles in eyewear, you can count on black rimmed glasses to retain their classic look. Moreover, thich black rimmed frames are often lightweight and make of materials like acetate, you can comfortably wear them the whole day without their weight pressing down on the bridge of your nose. Thick glasses with black frame go well with any type of complexion. No matter your skin tone, black thick rimmed glasses will look great on you and they also have the ability to add definition to your face. Besides, thick glasses are impressed people with geek chik look. It is definitely cool to sport a neardy, or smart look. No longer worn only by nerdy types, thick rimmed glasses are fashionable for all men and women, no matter where their interests lie. Thick glasses are a bold statement that will definitely draw attention to your face. Emphasize your best features with a pair of statement glasses in a dark color.

When it comes to deciding whether the thick glasses are suitable for you or not, consider the different styles that appeal to you and the shape of your face. Not everyone is able to pull off the same look with certain eyeglass frame styles. The best eyeglass frames for you will be based on your unique style and the shape of your face. If you have a more narrow face, then the thick frame glasses will complement your features best. If you have a rounder face, wire frames could provide a contouring effect. Try on many different eyeglass frame styles to get a feel for what you like and an idea of the type of optical eyeglass frames that best suit you. As with any accessory category, eyeglass frame styles can be numerous and include many attractive options in both men’s and women’s eyeglass frames sections.

How To Choose Thick Glasses

July 20th, 2012

Springing up like mushrooms, thick glasses have become a practically overnight sensation. The huge wave it stirs up in the fashion circle is unprecedented and probably unmatchable by anything either in the current time period or in the near future. Behind this immense craze over the product is a culture movement that emphasizes on individualism and uniqueness. The emo movement especially has pushed the style to a wider audience and made the popularity of the style. Although they might be the hottest glasses style on the planet now, it is not recommended to everyone. Besides, people with different face shapes or other qualities should be introduced to different thick glasses. In this article, we take on the extremely important issue of how to choose thick glasses.

First off, it has to be established that the word thick here means the thickness of the frames. Many people confuse thick glasses with big framed glasses, given that big frames often appear thick. However, the truth is even though oftentimes, the thickness of frames, both fronts and arms, are proportionate to the size of frames, there do exist times when they are inversely proportional. So, sizes vary in thick glasses and for those who’s facial qualifications can be described as “rugged”, with brooding forehead, high cheekbones, strong jaw or thick hair, you are safe with square, rectangular or round shapes of all sizes. However, if your face features aren’t as strong as that, you might want to spare the round or large frames, since these frames are extremely harder to pull off. Color wise, strong featured faces look fantastic with black while smaller faces go extremely well with tortoise shell.

The next time you go shopping for a pair of thick glasses, you might want to take a minute to thick over the foregoing factors a little bit and then make your own decision. Although thick glasses are always a safe choice to go with, when it comes to specific styles and sizes, one can mess up if he is not careful about the foregoing factors.

The difference between thick and wire frame glasses

June 26th, 2010

Eyewear designers can take many factors into consideration when they try to work out creative, new styles. Future trends are certainly unknown. But we can get some points from the previous trends. In the sunwear world, most products come in large frames, bringing a bold effect. This is because sunglasses are expected to protect the eyes to a maximum degree. Using big frames can realize this functionality easily. But in the prescription eyeglass realm, the general situation is significantly different. Few Rx eyeglasses come in a large frame. A normal size can bring a regular image. The above discussion is about frame size. Yet there are actually many other factors that should be kept in a designer’s mind, like frame shape, color, temple style, nose pad, and even bridge number. Frame thickness is another important aspect that is partially linked with frame size. And this factor divides most products into thick and wire frame glasses.

This writing tries to point out the difference between these two types of eyewear, according to frame thickness. First of all, thick eyeglasses refer to eyewear products that are thick-framed. In other worlds, their frames are thicker than usual. All eyeglass frames have standard size measurements, which can be used to fit them for consumers. Lens size, bridge size and temple length are covered or stated in detail. However, frame thickness is not included. This is likely because frame thickness will not affect the fit of eyewear. It only determines the basic effect of a pair. Spectacles that have thick frames are generally bold, so that they are most suitable for wearers who outgoing and open-minded. Wire frame glasses differ from their thick counterparts considerably.

In the eyewear world, wire frame eyeglasses are those which have a thin frame. The thickness of a typical wire frame may be one third or even one fourth of that of a thick frame. This huge gap would certainly bring completely different effect. While a thick frame appears bold and generous, a pair of wire frame glasses usually shows a delicate and cute image.

Thick eyeglasses bring a bold look

June 21st, 2010

People may interpret the phrase thick eyeglasses in different ways. It is true that there was a time when prescription eyeglasses were made of thick lenses if the wearer’s prescription was heavy. Modern eye care professionals are clear that this is actually limited by the lens technology that only thick glass or plastics could at that time provide high vision correction. With the later invention of advanced lens materials like high-index ones, it has become a reality to wear thinner, lighter lenses even if the vision problem is quite severe. The above discussion focuses on the thickness of lenses in prescription eyeglasses. However, the advancements in lens technology have largely eliminated the existence of thick lenses. The reason is very simple that no one wants to get their eyes covered by thick, ugly lenses. Thus thick eye glasses in modern times refer mainly to eyewear products that are thick-rimmed. Thick lenses bring a disappointing look, but thick frames may create an extraordinary effect.

In most cases, thick eyeglasses have a frame that is quite thicker than regular ones. The gap between a thick-rimmed pair and a thin-rimmed pair could be quite large. At some online optical shops, detailed frame thicknesses are provided in certain eyewear models. For careful customers, this information is helpful. And buyers or users of thick glasses may have found that a pair of this type usually has both thick front frame and thick temples. It is understandable that this design follows a natural thought because it can achieve a balance. Due to the unusual effect created by thick frames, these products are quite popular among Rx eyewear users.

Compared with regular eyeglasses, thick eyeglasses are much bolder in terms of appearance. It is easy to imagine that traditional thin-rimmed eyeglasses are delicate. But now, this dominant role is over. Thick-rimmed spectacles bring a considerably different look which is a new element for most people. It is acceptable to say that these glasses add a new element to the Rx eyewear market. Eyeglass design can now take use of frame thickness, rather being limited to traditional factors such as materials, shape, and color.

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