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Cheap Vintage Eyeglasses: Invite Classic and Fashion As Well As Tighten Your Purse String

December 9th, 2011

Cheap vintage glasses now are the rare treasure among the glasses wearers. Bored with the overabundant garish glasses in the market, many people now prefer the antique vintage glasses that have more artistic value yet cost them much less. Though cheap vintage eyeglasses are classic, which does not mean they are out-dated or ugly. On the contrary, cheap vintage glasses are rather up-to-date and closely related to the current fashion.

Vintage glasses were designed and produced in the 20th century that had characteristics that only belong to the 1970’s and 1980’s in Italy, and the 1908’s and 1990’s in the Far East. So, the colors, shape and styles of vintage glasses are all original, with craftsmanship that can not be found in today’s glasses manufacturing. What’s more, vintage eyeglasses were not used and new in condition, because they were preserved intact since the moment of their being produced. Therefore, owning vintage eyeglasses can also have the enjoyment of collecting antiques.

Do vintage eyeglasses only belong to the old? It is quite not the case. Men, women and children, old and young, male and female, all can find a pair of vintage eyeglasses they like. Vintage eyeglasses of the old have the qualities of maturity and seriousness. Adult men can wear the kind of vintage eyeglasses that make them more cool and handsome. And there are many lovely and nice-looking vintage glasses that were specially designed for children. All these vintage eyeglasses can take us back to the old and nostalgic times as well as give us modern fashionable appearance.

Finally, do not be perplexed by the doubt whether vintage eyeglasses are difficult to buy or cost you a ton of money. we can tell you that cheap vintage glasses are sold everywhere and are accessible to everyone. Most eyeglasses shops display various kinds of vintage eyeglasses where people can examine and try them on quite at will. Moreover, people can find those cheap vintage glasses online since online shopping is more and more welcome. And vintage glasses online are lower in price and more various in kind. What people should keep in mind is that while buying vintage glasses, you shall make a point of having a clear understanding of which one fits you best.

Vintage Eyeglasses Frames Add A Retro Edge To Your Style

November 6th, 2011

Vintage eyeglasses frames refer to those frames that first became popular during the 50s, 60s and 70s, some of which remaining popular to this very day and others going through countless ups and downs and somehow establishing strong footholds once again in the 21st century, either by finding new generation spokesman or by absorbing new elements. There is a tendency for the finest artists and designers in the fashion circle to recycle, so to speak, old ideas and thoughts, adding to them a little renovation and revolutionizing people’s understanding of eyeglasses all together along the way. Whether you like it or not, it’s a undeniable fact that fashion repeats itself, whether in clothing, shoes or in eyeglasses and oftentimes just as people in the loop like to put it, everything old becomes new again.

The most noticeable retro vintage eyeglasses frames might as well be the classic Wayfarer. Having been manufactured by Ray Ban since 1956, this model enjoyed their early popularity during the 50s and 60s and later waded to a slump in the 70s. In the 80s, the style reached the height of their popularity and since the mid-20s, the style has been enjoying a huge revival. Cited alongside Ray Ban’s aviators as the most-selling models in optical history, the style has become a classic design of modern times and one of the most enduring fashion icons of our time. Although the model was originally made for shades, it quickly cross the shades-specs gap and adapted into the eyeglasses territory. Nowadays, a pair of retro vintage eyeglasses in such frames sure is the best thing to match your clothes and shoes, giving your whole image that much needed vintage mystery.

While retro eyeglasses frames are readily available, they oftentimes don’t come cheap. However, for those who might have a tight budget, there’s an alternative. Retro eyeglasses online. Currently, countless online optical retailers have their stock of such eyeglasses and they provide them at reasonable prices and with good service. So, if you are aching for a pair of retro vintage eyeglasses yet find it difficult to afford high street fancy store ones, online optical stores might be the place to look at.

Wearing vintage frames safe and making you more glamorous

August 5th, 2010

As a part of fashion industry, eyeglasses trends go in cycle which is the same way as the general fashions. A pair of small oval eye vintage frame of 1900s will be in vogue again in 1990s although the industry environments have been dramatically changed. A good reason for making small oval rim vintage frames in the late 19th century is that the rim size was limited by the availability of the quartz lenses. As the major lenses materials at that time, it was difficult to obtain large enough quartz to cut as lenses for the eyeglasses, therefore today we saw many vintage frame in small eyes from that time. Today, with the development of various types of plastic lenses, we can make whatever bigger lenses as wished, but the fashion cycle doesn’t hurdle the re-emerging popularity of these vintage frames.

Today eyeglasses are more inclined for both vision correction and beauty features. Many people tend to buy vintage frame for wearing to enhance own lifestyles and personality. The least deteriorated vintage frames are metal frames. This type of vintage frame gained popularity before 1950s, and by today metal-rimmed frames are still the most commonly used by millions. When buying and wearing the metal vintage frame, you need to be careful about the tip coatings of the temples and the nose pads. If the plastic coatings and nose pads on the vintage frames become brittle and the plastic parts will peel off, wearing this vintage frame will cause skin dermatitis after extended touch of the nickel in the vintage frames.

If you are choosing a pair of plastic-look vintage frame, you need to make clear what actually the materials are. Most of the old plastic-like materials are safe with the exception of cellulose nitrate. This was the material that can be seen in the vintage frames of late 1900s. Cellulose nitrate was developed around 1850 and vintage frame in this material may auto ignite if handled improperly. Other materials are all safe such cellulose acetate and Perspex which are still used in the frames making.

The last thing needs to do is to fit your own power lenses. Most of the vintage frames work well in accepting the lenses with the optical center matching your PD except for more sophisticated multifocals. For metal vintage frame it is not a tough job to fit the lenses in by changing some new screws. But for the plastic vintage frames, as plastics go brittle with time, so you may take the risk by yourself if you want opticians to heat the rim and insert the lenses. The vintage frame may get broken at any time.

Vintage frames do bring the wearers persona and fashion, but be always cautious to have a safe wearing of any vintage frame.

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Retro glasses half century ago become popular again

July 27th, 2010

Half century ago, around 1950s, the eyewear industry reached its maturity with the development and introduction of new materials and new designs. Even by today, the most wanted retro glasses is from 1950s. Especially for those fashion fans, what they hanker for is 50s retro glasses. They wear retro eyewear for fashion expressions.

One good example of 50s retro glasses for men are the bold frames. Men in the 1950s wore thicker and wider frames glasses which are now in style again. These men’s retro glasses gained popularity again in 1990s, and some twenty years later, they are in vogue now even.

When talking about the retro eyewear for women from 1950s, the cat eye retro glasses will always be the topic. These upswept styles with the frame ends arched upward brought the beauty and fashion for the women in 1950s, and now these retro glasses are back in fashion once again. Inspired by the 50s classic retro glasses more and more styles have been developed.

Retro glasses are available in two forms. One type of retro eyewear is the authentic vintage glasses from the old time, the other can be the copies with the look of retro glasses but actually newly-made eyeglasses frames. The only thing needing to be cautious is that opticians really need pay special attention to put the lenses into the retro eyewear frames.

Retro glasses can be fitted as everyday use eyeglasses or for reading glasses only. Some creative fashion lovers even have the retro eyewear fitted with photochromic lenses and make the retro glasses as a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Buying and collecting vintage eyeglasses for collection or fashion purpose

July 5th, 2010

Buying vintage eyeglasses is not only limited for the purpose of fashion statement or showing up personality. Many people collect vintage eyeglass for collection purpose.

People buy vintage eye glasses as collectibles manly for two reasons. One is that some vintage eyeglasses may be made of precious metals such as gold and silver, or some vintage eyeglasses may be studded with valuable stones or even diamond. For these types of vintage eyeglasses, the value lies in both the antique frame styles and its clinging gold or diamond. The other reason is its antique look and style which represents an era when the vintage eyeglass was made. You can also know about the then level of materials industry and craftsmanship. These vintage eye glasses will narrate a story in most of the cases.

Before buying vintage eyeglass, you need to have some notion of the time era when the vintage eyeglasses were made and popularized. For most of the vintage eyeglass buyers, they mostly get some idea from movies, pictures and even some paintings about the vintage eye glasses. These days, we can never forget about the internet where virtually we can find everything we need.

After determining the look and era of the vintage eyeglass, the next step may turn to where to buy these antiques. You may try some thrift stores for dead stock, or you may ask your own or your friends’ grandparents to see if they are holding some from the old times. Of cause, the web stores are always the most convenient destinations for hunting vintage eyeglasses.

Vintage eyeglasses are not always reusable for new prescriptions, and it depends on the status and quality of the vintage eyeglass. If you have some vintage eye glasses from half century ago, and still in good shape, you may try to send to your local optician for fitting in new lenses. Wearing such a vintage eyeglasses mostly will apart you from the crowd, and many may ask you where you get this. Please note your occasional sporting of your vintage eye glasses may trigger another cycle of vogue of the fashion piece.

Get a pair of retro vintage glasses for vision correction

June 27th, 2010

Prescription eyeglasses were for a time unattractive among people who had vision problems. This is largely because of frame design and style that lack innovation and decoration in terms of appearance. Some people may still remember this period and they would likely get quite satisfied with the currently available frame styles in such a huge variety. In the past several decades, attractive and innovative eyewear designs have emerged and continue to expand. This makes modern Rx eyewear users possible to get a customized look which was hardly feasible decades ago. In addition, people who need to rely on prescription eyeglasses living in this time have also an access to retro vintage glasses. These products may bring modern users back to a time when a specific eyewear style was the standard example. Sometimes it is believed that this group of eyewear users is in remembrance of those traditional devices.

Thanks to modern eyewear manufacturers, retro eyeglass frames’ wide availability is really a valuable gift for people living in modern times. Retro vintage glasses come in even more advanced models, facilitated by the improvements in both lens and frame technologies. Taking horn-rimmed eyeglasses as an example, these products are more widely available in recent years than in the 1910s and 1920s when they reached their summit. The key factor is the improvement in material. The original form of horn-rimmed glasses took use of horn or tortoise shell, which could be seldom found. The situation has profoundly changed because nowadays lots of artificial materials have been invented and they can simulate the original effect of horn-rimmed glasses quite well. For most people, the frame look is the key point, rather than the exact material.

Another type of retro vintage glasses focuses on frame shape. U.S. citizens who are born in the 1940s or earlier would much likely know cat-eye glasses. This creative and cute style was one of the most popular eyewear products among Americans in the 1950s and 1960s. Nearly a half century later, these products of a special shape appears as a form of retro eyewear. The unique shape remains completely unchanged even if there have been lots of changes in the eyewear industry.

Vintage glasses looks old yet make the wearers look good

June 8th, 2010

Vintage glasses are normally referring to those glasses that were popular a long time ago, which include the eyewear from 1950s to 1980s and even earlier and later. Vintage eyewear follows the similar route of fashion, and normally vintage glasses will go back to vogue a couple of years later.

Vintage eyewear may cycle back in style for some reasons. The first reason may be that fashion, as well as vintage glasses, will be adored and loved after some period of time, as people used to abandon the most recent styles first. In other cases, the re-emerging of vintage eyewear may be triggered by a newly hot film figure wearing in vintage eyewear which represents the eyeglasses popularity of an old time. Or it may also be aroused by the celebrities starting to wear some antique vintage glasses in public scenes.

There are mainly two types of vintage glasses in the market, one is the authentic new vintage glasses in original unused packing, which means the vintage glasses were made when they were in market years ago. The other is the reproductions and replicas vintage eyewear which are made recently by copying the same make as vintage glasses. Vintage eyewear is generally unavailable in the optical stores, while the replicas may be available. These real vintage glasses may be found in some specialty stores or online stores.

Vintage glasses though looks old, it does help make the wearers look good and by standing out in the crowd by its uniqueness and coolness.

Retro eyeglasses never wear off

April 24th, 2010

When we are talking about retro eyeglasses, we normally are referring to those antique vintage styles, but the frames and lenses are made of newer materials with same classic look as retro glass. Retro eyeglasses may be traced back to the old era when the eyeglasses were just invented. People seldom connect the retro glass with the specific time period as retro eyeglasses go in cycles.

The most classic retro glass is the round frame or Windors. This is the retro eyeglasses once worn by India’s national hero Ghandi and John Lennon. The round frame retro eyeglasses are even worn by today’s people to express own personality and likings.

As retro glass is the new eyewear copying the old styles, most of the optical stores carry lines of retro eyeglasses to diversify the options for customers. An even easier destination is through internet shops to hunt for the favorite retro glass.

For most of the people, buying a pair of retro eyeglasses is the same as buying clothes to richen the wardrobes. Retro glass commonly is not worn on the daily basis, and retro eyeglasses are only worn on special occasions, such as birthday party or Halloween parties.

If fitted with proper lenses, retro glass is the full-function vision device just like other eyeglasses. Some opticians even produce bifocals and sunglasses out of the retro eyeglasses frames. Through the years over the long history, retro eyeglasses never fade out in the optical world