Wearing vintage frames safe and making you more glamorous

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As a part of fashion industry, eyeglasses trends go in cycle which is the same way as the general fashions. A pair of small oval eye vintage frame of 1900s will be in vogue again in 1990s although the industry environments have been dramatically changed. A good reason for making small oval rim vintage frames in the late 19th century is that the rim size was limited by the availability of the quartz lenses. As the major lenses materials at that time, it was difficult to obtain large enough quartz to cut as lenses for the eyeglasses, therefore today we saw many vintage frame in small eyes from that time. Today, with the development of various types of plastic lenses, we can make whatever bigger lenses as wished, but the fashion cycle doesn’t hurdle the re-emerging popularity of these vintage frames.

Today eyeglasses are more inclined for both vision correction and beauty features. Many people tend to buy vintage frame for wearing to enhance own lifestyles and personality. The least deteriorated vintage frames are metal frames. This type of vintage frame gained popularity before 1950s, and by today metal-rimmed frames are still the most commonly used by millions. When buying and wearing the metal vintage frame, you need to be careful about the tip coatings of the temples and the nose pads. If the plastic coatings and nose pads on the vintage frames become brittle and the plastic parts will peel off, wearing this vintage frame will cause skin dermatitis after extended touch of the nickel in the vintage frames.

If you are choosing a pair of plastic-look vintage frame, you need to make clear what actually the materials are. Most of the old plastic-like materials are safe with the exception of cellulose nitrate. This was the material that can be seen in the vintage frames of late 1900s. Cellulose nitrate was developed around 1850 and vintage frame in this material may auto ignite if handled improperly. Other materials are all safe such cellulose acetate and Perspex which are still used in the frames making.

The last thing needs to do is to fit your own power lenses. Most of the vintage frames work well in accepting the lenses with the optical center matching your PD except for more sophisticated multifocals. For metal vintage frame it is not a tough job to fit the lenses in by changing some new screws. But for the plastic vintage frames, as plastics go brittle with time, so you may take the risk by yourself if you want opticians to heat the rim and insert the lenses. The vintage frame may get broken at any time.

Vintage frames do bring the wearers persona and fashion, but be always cautious to have a safe wearing of any vintage frame.

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