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about Cat eye glasses

June 15th, 2015

Cat eye glasses are mainly a form of women’s eyewear which have an upsweep at the out edges where the arms join the frame front. Cat eye glasses frames became popular in the 1950s and 1960s but still have a loyal following amongst women with a retro style. There was a particular type of fashion trait that seemed to stick to this style. The cat eye look was almost synonymously combined with a beehive or bob hairstyle. Although, the glasses normally walked hand in hand with these hairstyles, there were also particular professions that this style-pair sentiment holds true for too. Women in certain types of employment, such as librarians, secretaries and respectable teachers all held these glasses in high esteem and the style is often referenced today as the ‘sexy librarian’ or ‘sassy school teacher’ look.

When it takes a certain face and character to pull the cat eye look off today, there are some that won’t let the traditional glasses die, with the revival led by some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood including Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese and so on. There’s no doubt that this enduring style will continue to be popular well into the future. Although their popularity may rise and fall in the meantime, we believe that we’ll be seeing cat eye glasses on the holographic screens and hover catwalks of the future! Cat-eye glasses are best for faces with a narrow forehead that widens at the cheeks and chin, as well as diamond-shaped faces that are narrow at the eyes and jawline and have broad cheekbones. Cat eye glasses imparts a sophisticated, elegant, slightly exotic look to the wearer. Most frames feature oval lenses with the extended portion of the eyerim drawn out into an upward and outward point. Oftentimes, the extra eyerim at the outer corners are embellished with exotic details. Rhinestone, metal, or colored plastic temple enhancements create a sense of opulence while sculptural effects, such as raised designs, scalloped edges and fancy bridges, add uniqueness to these frames. Among the most striking decorative innovations on cat eye frames are the brows, which usually incorporate different sculptural, applique, and ornamental effects on the top edges of cat-eye rims.

Cat eye eyeglasses and cat eye sunglasses were popular feminine eyewear styles of the mid-20th century, when eyewear became a fashion accessory rather than simply a medical necessity. With glasses becoming more mainstream, people threw themselves wholeheartedly into the purchase of eyewear that not only solved vision problems, but also enhanced their appearance. Cat eye glasses are available in many optical stores and even in antique shops. This only proves that these glasses are popular despite of their classic design. Aside from providing protection from sunlight, cat eye glasses may be customized and can be used as regular prescription eyeglasses. These glasses are now regaining popularity among women. For those born in the late 80’s and 90’s, they may find it different to wear vintage glasses. However, once they tried wearing one, they surely can’t go out without it. Because of the elegance brought by retro glasses, they can still maintain their presence in the eyewear market. These fashionable glasses that resemble the eyes of a cat will surely be available in many optical shops.

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Watch Out: Cat Eye Glasses Are Back

August 6th, 2011

It has been proved time and again that fashion recycles its old trends, and this year sees no exception to that. Among others that are being revived this year, cat eye glasses are certainly the biggest proof of that “everything old is new again” phenomenon. Everywhere from the office places to the streets, from the coffee shops to the clubs, women’s favorite glasses frames are back big time. Just go out and take a stroll and you will find yourself surrounded by fine ladies wearing them. First made popular by fashionable women like Marilin Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Dinah Manoff and Audrey Hepburn in the 50s and 60s, these chic glasses are making a major comeback alongside a vintage movement that involves almost everything that comes from older times.

cat eye glasses 3

Just like every other shape option for frames, cat eye glasses frames can be made into either eyeglasses or sunglasses. And in either way, they provide that fun aspect like no other. A pair of sunglasses with cat eye frames immediately becomes cat eye novelty sunglasses without even the slightest renovation. You can just put them on, grab a present and go to your nephew’s or colleague’s kids’ birthday party, and no one will spot you out as unprepared. But of course, it’s always better to add a little decoration to make the kids screem with excitement and the kids’ parents smile with gratitude.

Besides serving as the novelty glasses that you will need when you don’t have the time to prepare for a kid’s birthday party, cat eye glasses can also give you a unique look that other glasses can’t. For a appearance conscious person, especially a lady, its a frustration to find your own glasses the same as everyone around you. If you are one relentlessly seeking a unique look, vintage cat eye glasses may just be for you. These older glasses were produced in much smaller quantities than today’s counterparts, and most are lost in time, so what’s left to this very day must be one of a million. They are valuable, chic, and most importantly unique. Expensive as they are, the retro cat eye glasses that you buy will certainly spare you the embarrassment of having the same glasses as others and make you the center of attention anywhere anytime.

Creative Interpretation of Retro— Cat Eye Glasses

January 1st, 2011

Glasses have appeared in the major international fashion show in recent years, and have become an indispensable part in the overall shape. Together with the wave of retro style, the popular 50’s cat eye glasses will rank first in the 2011 fashion trends, and are interpreted by stars in the street.

At the same time, the styles in the past have also been evolved into new patterns as the application of rich materials and colors. And the only consistent point is that they still place an emphasis on the uniqueness and personality. Sometimes, we have to admit the wisdom of people. We don’t mention however much they have contributed to our life, they have made full use of wisdom from the aspect of eyeglasses.

Let’s have a look at how they use modern techniques to interpret the classic 50’s cat eye glasses. In fact, the trend of cat eye glasses is accompanied by the rising fashion the early 50’s and 60’s. And we can see their tracks in the autumn and winter of 2010 fashion shows. In the recent 2011 fashion show, cat eye glasses, especially sunglasses, start to become ubiquitous: Paul Smith, Tommy Hilfiger, and Twenty8Twelve.

However, cat eye glasses are not suitable for everyone. And there are several problems that need to pay attention to create this kind of “cat-like” shape. First of all, they are not suitable for people who have large face. And they are particularly suitable for people with thin face such as Nikki Hilton. Secondly, it should avoid too complicated color printing in the overall image; otherwise, others will not notice your eyeglasses at all. Thirdly, you should concern about your hair style. Once you have oil head or wear your hair loose, you’d better not choose cat eye glasses, which can’t interpret the glasses deliberately.

Cat Eye Glasses Receive Heated Extolling

October 21st, 2010

Topics about fashion attract people’s attention at the time. They are desirous to keep up with the fashionable trend and hope to lead the way in the fashion. All the things with latest designs and styles always receive heated extolling from fashion fans. Of them, cat eye glasses can’t be missed.

When summer approaches, ladies begin to try their best to show their attractiveness and glamour. They select clothes, shoes and bags carefully. Among all means of showing personal elegance, wearing designer eye glasses is always one of the most popular and common ways. In these years, retro eyeglasses are very popular among ladies and women. Wearing it, people can experience the bygone elements and make themselves different from others. The styles of retro eyeglasses today are various. Amid the classic eyeglasses, eye cat glasses gain popularity again and are accepted by large number of fashionable ladies.

As for the name of eye cat glasses, there is no need to explain any more. Just as you think, the shapes of glasses look like the eyes of cats. What’s more, the designer eyeglasses are designed specially for ladies and women. It seems that designers favor ladies largely. Cat eye glasses have a long history. It was first popular in the 1950s, half century ago, and reached its first fashion summit in the 60s. Until now, cat eyeglasses exist in the eyewear market as well. Some other new innovations are scored on these eye wear and some brand names also have the similar eyeglasses.

Although cat eye glasses in modern times have the similar appearance with old styles, they are made of the more advanced materials. Updated techniques are applied in manufacture. So the glasses can make people feel more comfortable in contrast to the old ones. In most case, these eye wears are designed with both classic and contemporary styles in order to meet with different demands and tastes.

The stylish eyeglasses can boast people’s personality. Many celebrities also choose to have several pairs of cat eyeglasses for different situations. For the fashionable ladies and women, a pair of chic cat eye glasses not only expresses your personality, but also makes you look different.

Get retro frames for men

June 17th, 2010

Believe it or not, there are some fundamental differences between women and men when they try to shop for a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. It is widely agreed that male customers pay more attention to eyewear comfort, fit, and durability. Differently, for ladies the most important or the commonest consideration is eyewear appearance. And it is also true that female wearers always try to follow the latest trends about eyewear style year after year. This is absolutely acceptable and flatters well eyewear designers’ intention. Setting new eyeglass and sunglass styles in each year can maximize their revenue and profit. And at the side of charming conscious girls, following the newest fashion elements and designs is usually the whole part. Another fact is that the eyeglass and sunglass market also has some retro and vintage styles. According to the above discussion, it is reasonable to say these are retro frames for men.

While men customers are more concerned about frame comfort, fit, and durability, retro frame styles are more probably to be acceptable by them. We all know that eyeglasses in retro styles were once extremely popular in the recent past. For example, horn-rimmed eyeglass style was the mainstream in 1910s and 1920s in the United States. They were succeeded in extreme popularity by the cat-eye style in 1950s and the following decade. In the sunwear world, a typical example is the 80s sunwear. And there are similar examples of retro eyeglass and retro sunglass styles. Even if these products are no longer the most popular option among modern eyewear users, they are definitely acceptable by men who value their classic look. Manufacturers of these retro frames for men today can always guarantee male buyers good frame quality, fit and durability.

Yet there have also some differences in the retro eyewear market. In specific times when these retro eyeglass and sunglass frames set examples, some lens and frame technologies were unavailable. Thus a great advantage of retro frames for men provided by modern manufacturers is that these products are nowadays made of more advanced materials and technologies. In terms of frame material, memory metal and memory plastic are widely utilized in recent years, making higher frame quality and valuable features available for male users.

Three examples of classic eyeglasses

May 22nd, 2010

Eyeglasses and sunglasses can be made by creative designers in various styles. The selection in modern times is very wide. Eyewear users may get used to eyeglass products that come in modern designs. In fact, modern eyewear is considered to focus more on stylish statement by using different color elements. In addition to regular colors, peachy, chocolate, burgundy as well as other unusual colors are widely used to decorate eyewear frames and lenses. These approaches are partly because of the fact that it is hard for modern eyewear designers to develop innovative styles in eyeglass shape or structure. Fortunately, modern customers still have the access to classic eyeglasses that come in classic styles. Once being very popular for years and even decades, they are now sold as retro eyeglasses. This article gives three typical examples.

Popular in the United States in the 1910s and 1920s, horn-rimmed glasses are a classic retro style. They are made of horn, tortoise shell or plastic that simulates either of these two materials. The name of these classic eyeglasses refers to their frame material in original. For a long time, they were standard but they now have changed both appearance and meaning. These glasses do not have nose pads, which is different from most of the other eyewear styles. In the 21st century, the definition of horn-rimmed eyeglasses has become more flexible. But they were quite unique in the first several decades of 20th century.

A second example is cat-eye glasses, which reached its summit of popularity in 1950s and 1960s. In general, they refer to eyeglasses with thick frames and arms joining the lenses at the very top corners. This effect is quite similar to the shape of a cat eye, which explains the origin of its name. Designed mainly for women, cat-eye glasses were widely used by celebrities during the two decades in movies. Later in 1970s, 80s and 90s, another type of classic eyeglasses appeared and succeeded cat-eye glasses in the public. They were called bug-eye glasses and were firstly of a square shape, and then evolved into the rounder, larger and more similar bug-eye style in the 80s.

Classic cat eye glasses

May 21st, 2010

Eyeglasses and sunglasses in the modern eyewear market come in plenty of styles. While eyewear manufacturers and designers continue to create new styles and models, some of the old styles remain popular over the years. Historical eyewear includes scissors glasses and classic styles include aviator and wayfarer. Some of these classic styles are mainly for women and some others for men. People with certain experience and knowledge of the eyewear market may have seen cat eye glasses. They are a form of eyewear designed for female wearers. We all know that each style of eyewear has their unique and meaningful name which partly indicates its appearance. Aviator glasses and sunglasses originally developed by Ran Ban come in large frames and two times the eye’s socket can be shielded. Cat-eye eyewear has also its particular feature or appearance. Generally speaking, they refer spectacles that are thick-rimmed and have arms joining the lenses at the very top corners. This classic design makes wearers of these glasses appear like cat’s eyes.

The name of cat eye glasses is quite indicating that an effect of cat’s eye can be achieved. Due to this particular effect, these eyeglasses were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They could be seen in some of the most favored movies. Celebrities who have ever used spectacles of this style include Audrey, Marilyn Monroe, and Buddy Holly and so on. People in their middles ages now may remember that cat-eye eyewear just preceded the large bug-eye glasses which appeared widely in 1970s and 1980s. Currently, these eyewear products are still widely available in large optical stores and antique shops. This proves its vitality and classic design. A slight difference of these eyeglasses is that they are called vintage or retro eyewear in modern times. And both sunglasses and regular prescription eyeglasses can take use of this vintage design.

To some extent, cat eye glasses are regaining its popularity which reached a summit fifty years ago. For most eyewear users born in 1980s and even 1990s, it can be a completely different experience of wearing a pair of vintage eyeglasses which might be favored by their parents. This is partly the reason why retro styles of eyeglasses still retain their proportion in the eyewear market. Making the eyes look like a cat eye will probably maintain as a long-term pursuit.

Vintage cat-eye glasses and sunglasses

December 25th, 2009

Popular in the 1950s and 1960s, cat-eye glasses are thick rimmed glasses with the temples connecting the lens frame at the very top corners. The lens frame of cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses stretches a little longer than ordinary frames, and the outside corners of the frame slightly arched. The lenses of cat-eye glasses have no specialty in shape. They are just normal ones. As a result, the lens frame of cat-eye glasses just looks like a cat eye, especially when the cat is crinkling its eyebrows. Cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses were extremely popular among fashionable women. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, cat-eye glasses were proceeded by large bug-eye glasses.

Many notable individuals wore cat-eye glasses in those days, such as Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Holly, Amy Lame, Barbara Windsor and others. Cat-eye glasses are truly a timeless style that appeals to all types of girls now. They have been a necessity for girls with classic styles and trend setters. Furthermore, cat-eye glasses can reach every generation, both the young and the old.

Nowadays, several brands provide cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses including Retro Planet, among which vintage ones are usually more expensive. You can also find cat-eye glasses with wider areas of the frame decorated with rhinestones or painted design. Frames Direct features a variety of cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses from brands like Bebe Eyeglasses, Tom Ford Eyeglasses and Nicole Eyeglasses. The website can meet your needs for vintage ones. You never need to find them in your grandmother’s attic.