Vintage cat-eye glasses and sunglasses

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Popular in the 1950s and 1960s, cat-eye glasses are thick rimmed glasses with the temples connecting the lens frame at the very top corners. The lens frame of cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses stretches a little longer than ordinary frames, and the outside corners of the frame slightly arched. The lenses of cat-eye glasses have no specialty in shape. They are just normal ones. As a result, the lens frame of cat-eye glasses just looks like a cat eye, especially when the cat is crinkling its eyebrows. Cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses were extremely popular among fashionable women. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, cat-eye glasses were proceeded by large bug-eye glasses.

Many notable individuals wore cat-eye glasses in those days, such as Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Holly, Amy Lame, Barbara Windsor and others. Cat-eye glasses are truly a timeless style that appeals to all types of girls now. They have been a necessity for girls with classic styles and trend setters. Furthermore, cat-eye glasses can reach every generation, both the young and the old.

Nowadays, several brands provide cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses including Retro Planet, among which vintage ones are usually more expensive. You can also find cat-eye glasses with wider areas of the frame decorated with rhinestones or painted design. Frames Direct features a variety of cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses from brands like Bebe Eyeglasses, Tom Ford Eyeglasses and Nicole Eyeglasses. The website can meet your needs for vintage ones. You never need to find them in your grandmother’s attic.


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