Watch Out: Cat Eye Glasses Are Back

August 6th, 2011 by Charles Garrana Leave a reply »

It has been proved time and again that fashion recycles its old trends, and this year sees no exception to that. Among others that are being revived this year, cat eye glasses are certainly the biggest proof of that “everything old is new again” phenomenon. Everywhere from the office places to the streets, from the coffee shops to the clubs, women’s favorite glasses frames are back big time. Just go out and take a stroll and you will find yourself surrounded by fine ladies wearing them. First made popular by fashionable women like Marilin Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Dinah Manoff and Audrey Hepburn in the 50s and 60s, these chic glasses are making a major comeback alongside a vintage movement that involves almost everything that comes from older times.

cat eye glasses 3

Just like every other shape option for frames, cat eye glasses frames can be made into either eyeglasses or sunglasses. And in either way, they provide that fun aspect like no other. A pair of sunglasses with cat eye frames immediately becomes cat eye novelty sunglasses without even the slightest renovation. You can just put them on, grab a present and go to your nephew’s or colleague’s kids’ birthday party, and no one will spot you out as unprepared. But of course, it’s always better to add a little decoration to make the kids screem with excitement and the kids’ parents smile with gratitude.

Besides serving as the novelty glasses that you will need when you don’t have the time to prepare for a kid’s birthday party, cat eye glasses can also give you a unique look that other glasses can’t. For a appearance conscious person, especially a lady, its a frustration to find your own glasses the same as everyone around you. If you are one relentlessly seeking a unique look, vintage cat eye glasses may just be for you. These older glasses were produced in much smaller quantities than today’s counterparts, and most are lost in time, so what’s left to this very day must be one of a million. They are valuable, chic, and most importantly unique. Expensive as they are, the retro cat eye glasses that you buy will certainly spare you the embarrassment of having the same glasses as others and make you the center of attention anywhere anytime.


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