Choose the Fittest Aviator Sunglasses to Build Up Your Personal Taste

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Aviator sunglasses were initially introduced to American pilots in the 1930s. Ever since then, aviator sunglasses have been favored by many fashion icons. Aviator sunglasses, boasting an array of elements and styles that portray elegance and greatness harmoniously, are fittest for those who pursue luxury and noble temperament. However, aviator sunglasses are not suitable for anyone. If you don’t have a high nose, I sincerely recommend you not to put them on. Moreover, even aviator sunglasses have different types, such as oversize aviator sunglasses, square aviator sunglasses, etc.

If you are lucky enough to have a heart shaped face or an oval shaped face, both looking perfect before the camera, you should choose a style that echoes your face like the aviator, and something with a rectangle shape will also flatter. So take your time to find the right pair of  aviator sunglasses to flatter your face type based on following guide. Undoubtedly, the right shaped sunglasses can make a difference.

Oversize aviator sunglasses

Oversize aviator sunglasses are a must-have for those oval shaped faces or long faces, which will add stylish and luxurious elements to such face types. If your face is long enough, dark colors such as black, dark grey, etc are suitable for you, otherwise you’d better choose lighter ones such as dark brown and dark green. Besides, dark green, having a trace of masculinity, is not fit for demure and classic ladies while dark brown matches almost every style.

Rectangle Aviator Sunglasses

Square Aviator Sunglasses

Round shaped faces are flattered by rectangle or square aviator sunglasses with sharp angles. Such type of sunglasses will add a trace of pointedness and toughness to your face. In addition, light colors make you look young and energetic while dark ones will help shape masculinity. The front frames are made from solid and sleek metal alloy, while the arms are constructed of light and durable acetate. The acetate arms provide super comfort to wear even for a whole day.

Apart from the above types of aviator sunglasses, you may also choose vintage aviator sunglasses, which are definitely in in recent years.


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