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Shop for Antique Aviator Sunglasses to Meet Your Antique Complex

August 28th, 2011

Are you that kind of guy who has a strong antique complex? If yes, you’ll deem the author of this article as your bosom friend. Just kidding but it is no exaggeration. It is a fact that many eyewear users living in the modern times seek antique aviator sunglasses for unusual and classic look on the face. I completely understand these people’s needs coz I myself also have nostalgia complex. What’s more, whether you are going for low-cost sunglasses or high priced designer sunglasses, aviators will always be the best choice. Hence to own a pair of antique aviator sunglasses has almost become an “obligation” for eyewear users. And I will share with you the collection of antique aviator sunglasses, among which you are bound to find one pair or two that seem meant for you.

Antique Aviator Sunglasses for Men

antique aviator sunglasses

What comes up in your mind the moment you watch the above picture? Old movies, erudite sholars or gracious senior citizens? Anyway, it arouses in your mind those good old days, isn’t it? With the vintage color of emeral and the uniquely designed frame shape, such a pair of antique aviator sunglasses can be regarded as a rarity of the rarities, attracting people at first sight.

Antique Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Different from men’s antique aviator sunglasses, those for women tend to combine modern elements which help shape women’s university aviator look and demomstrate their intelligence in an implicit way. Isn’t it that this kind of sunglasses is unbeatable?

Antique Aviator Sunglasses for womenAntique Aviator Sunglasses for WomenAntique Aviator Sunglasses for WomenAntique Aviator Sunglasses for Women

If you are an urban career woman with high diploma and high salary, I promise such sunglasses are nothing less than what you really need. Attractive yet low profile, such feeling is what we are usually hunting for.

According to the above introduction, you’ve already got a general viewpoint about antique aviator sunglasses. Just take action now to meet your antique complex.

Folding Aviator Sunglasses—A Must-have to Spend the Hot Summer

August 22nd, 2011

Trendy folding aviator sunglasses are a regular in movies. More often than not, they serve as a must-have for prince charming. Elegant suits, an decent position, a charming cool look and a pair of foldiing aviator sunglasses, all contribute to a successful classic image on the screen.
folding aviator sunglasses

Back to reality, in such a season brimmed with vitality and vigor, we can ill afford to miss the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the the scenary nature endows to us. However, as is known to all, the unbearable heat and the UV rays may do some harm to our health, hence a pair of classic folding aviator sunglasses is a must-have for us. Many big brands have launched mirrored aviator sunglasses which are hinged so that they can be folded up to just the size of one lens, but when unfolded they look like ordinary sunglasses. Ideal for keeping in your bag for that unexpected sunny afternoon, isn’t it?
folding aviator sunglassesfolding aviator sunglasses
folding aviator sunglasses
Aside from the classic types of aviator sunglasses, there are vintage folding aviator sunglasses, which are very “in” especially when the vintage trend has spread out of control in the fashion circle. Undoubtedly, you’ll be a real prince in the crowd if you wear a pair of retro aviator sunglasses, because it boasts both classic and stylish elements.

vintage aviator sunglassesvintage aviator sunglassesvintage aviator sunglasses

It goes without saying that no one can resist such a pair of vintage folding aviator sunglasses because its so chic and charming itself. Moreover, the color amber is so romantic and elegant that charming ladies or gentlement with high-end taste shall not miss a try. The moment I saw it, I can do nothing but be enthralled by it.

All in all, folding aviator sunglasses, being both convenient and luxurious, are a must-have for people who spend a lot of time outside in the sweltering summer.

Fashion Sunglasses For Men and Women in the Season of 2011

August 11th, 2011

It is a fact universally acknowledged that sunglasses are worn for more than just eye protection these days. They also serve as fashion accessories. And often times, their fashion value even rides over the functionality to become the top priority factor considered by most consumers when they are purchasing sunglasses. Either in the case of fashion sunglasses for men or women, there has been numerous exciting new trends and styles propping out season after season. And choosing the right pair could sometimes be a real headache, especially when one doesn’t have that whole lot of time to get familiar with every style and brand that’s out there. Here, we list some of the hottest and most buzzed about fashion sunglasses for women and men in 2011 so as to nudge you in the right direction in your sunglasses shopping confusion.

aviator sunglasses

In 2011, some of the classic and retro vintage looks have remained popular. Among others, aviators have proved a favorite among both the male and female populations. Although the classic and typical teardrop shape and thin wire frames have prevailed, there do exist quite a few new renovations that keep the classic style in vogue. Latest technologies in lenses like anti-reflective coating, upgrade these aviator sunglasses‘ functional capacity while little arrangements with the double bars or arms make them more sophisticated and intricate. The juxtaposition of macho and intricate revives the classic style, making them still popular in this season and surely a couple of more seasons to come.


Another style that’s enjoying an embrace among consumers is shield sunglass. These shades feature a single and complete lens without being separated by a bridge. Traditionally these shades were thought to represent that sporty look popular in late 20th century. Although sporty looks still have dedicated followers today, they are not particularly standing out this year. But what’s interesting about shield sunglasses is that with colored tints and metallic arms, they have been made much classier and they do have that futurist and party vibe to them. The futurist theme made popular by hip-pop turned electronic dance group Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 album The E.N.D and party girl theme made prevalent by newly emerged teen idols including Kesha and Katy Perry are sweeping the world like storms and have the fashion tides going alongside. Under this condition, we certainly can’t be mistaken if we say that those are only going to get more popular in the days to come.

Choose the Fittest Aviator Sunglasses to Build Up Your Personal Taste

August 4th, 2011

Aviator sunglasses were initially introduced to American pilots in the 1930s. Ever since then, aviator sunglasses have been favored by many fashion icons. Aviator sunglasses, boasting an array of elements and styles that portray elegance and greatness harmoniously, are fittest for those who pursue luxury and noble temperament. However, aviator sunglasses are not suitable for anyone. If you don’t have a high nose, I sincerely recommend you not to put them on. Moreover, even aviator sunglasses have different types, such as oversize aviator sunglasses, square aviator sunglasses, etc.

If you are lucky enough to have a heart shaped face or an oval shaped face, both looking perfect before the camera, you should choose a style that echoes your face like the aviator, and something with a rectangle shape will also flatter. So take your time to find the right pair of  aviator sunglasses to flatter your face type based on following guide. Undoubtedly, the right shaped sunglasses can make a difference.

Oversize aviator sunglasses

Oversize aviator sunglasses are a must-have for those oval shaped faces or long faces, which will add stylish and luxurious elements to such face types. If your face is long enough, dark colors such as black, dark grey, etc are suitable for you, otherwise you’d better choose lighter ones such as dark brown and dark green. Besides, dark green, having a trace of masculinity, is not fit for demure and classic ladies while dark brown matches almost every style.

Rectangle Aviator Sunglasses

Square Aviator Sunglasses

Round shaped faces are flattered by rectangle or square aviator sunglasses with sharp angles. Such type of sunglasses will add a trace of pointedness and toughness to your face. In addition, light colors make you look young and energetic while dark ones will help shape masculinity. The front frames are made from solid and sleek metal alloy, while the arms are constructed of light and durable acetate. The acetate arms provide super comfort to wear even for a whole day.

Apart from the above types of aviator sunglasses, you may also choose vintage aviator sunglasses, which are definitely in in recent years.

Several Tips for Choosing a Pair of Suitable Aviator Sunglasses

July 5th, 2011

Aviator sunglasses were developed by the eyewear company Ray-Ban in 1937.For these years, aviator sunglasses have become the top choice when it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses with fashion. However, it’s never an easy thing for people to choose a pair of suitable aviator sunglasses for themselves. In fact, there are much more things should be taken into consideration than just walking into a sunglasses store and trying on a few pairs and then getting one pair home on a whim. If people don’t want to take some time to decide what the purpose of wearing aviator sunglasses, what features are most important to them, and what they can really afford, they’re very likely to waste their hard-earned money on a pair of aviator sunglasses that they won’t really like after they get them home.


Generally speaking, there are mainly three things should be thought about clearly before people make their choice.

The first problem is when to use the sunglasses. In another word, people should decide the purpose of wearing sunglasses. For example, people should know whether the sunglasses are for sports such as playing golf, going fishing or just for fashion. Because all types of aviator sunglasses aren’t the same and have some different functions.

The second thing is to have an idea of what features are important before people begin to shop. Aviator sunglasses come in all kinds of configurations. While they may have the same basic style, there must be many differences among them, such as the color of lenses, the style of the frames, the color of the frames, the materials used to produce the lenses, the amount of polarization offered to protect eyes from UV rays and glare, and so on. Before choosing a pair of aviator sunglasses, people should learn the purpose of each feature and then made a decision of what features should the aviator sunglasses have. If people don’t have a list of priorities in mind, they will be frustrated when confronting kinds of aviator sunglasses.

Last but not the least thing is to have an idea of their own budget. Aviator sunglasses can be purchased both for a much cheap price or a high price. People who want to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses should have an upper limit in mind as to what they can afford before they go shopping. But just keep in mind that “cheap” often means inferior quality of construction and may have a short life.

Celebrities Show Stylish Sunglasses for Teenagers

July 1st, 2011

As the ultimate trendsetters, celebrities haven a huge influence on fashion. Fashion journalists keep chasing them and catch the latest fashion trend. It is easy to find that celebrities are often spotted wearing fabulous sunglasses making them look great. So lots of people, especially the youth, spare no effort to follow them. Here are examples they show for teenagers.

Examples of Stylish Sunglasses for Teenage Boys

Many male famous celebrities love to wear sunglasses, such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep, who are the hottest guy worldwide. Most of male celebrities are interested in one special classic style- aviator sunglasses, which was first produced by Ray Ban which is a leading sunglasses brand for its fashionable style and high quality. So, for teenage boys, you will get a celebrities look and draw much attention from girls while wearing aviator sunglasses. There is no doubt aviator sunglasses sold by Ray Ban are of high expenses, teenage boys can get aviator sunglasses from online store, which not only help you save much money but also fatter your temperament.

Examples of Hot Shades for Teenage Girls

Sunglasses have become must-have accessories which put the final touches to their outfit. Compared with men, women pay more attention to the style of sunglasses. It is well known that female celebrities are crazy about various kinds of sunglasses, such as Paris Hilton who is a paparazzi favorite and own more than one hundred of sunglasses in different style. Besides, many female celebrities, as fashionistas, have designed their sunglasses by themselves such as Victoria BeckHam.

One kind of sunglasses that female celebrities often wear is oversized sunglasses. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are fans of oversized sunglasses, which making them look hot and sexy. Another one is black sunglasses, which gain great popularity. Victoria BeckHam is rarely seen without her signature shades on and often shows up while wearing black sunglasses to match her unique and chic style.

A Guide of the Known Types of Sunglasses.

June 24th, 2011


Aviators often come in oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. It is specially designed for the pilots and always the main fashion stream in eyeglasses fashion world. As a classic style, aviator sunglasses have passed the test of time. Nowadays, not only men but also women prefer aviator sunglasses.


Mirrorshade is equipped with a mirrored coating on the surface. Due to the popularity among policemen, it gained a nickname-cop shade. There are two popular styles for mirrorshades. One is a dual lens set in a metal frame and a “Wraparound” style.


Polarized sunglasses do a good job of eliminating the glare from surfaces like water, snow. Due to its features, they are of great importance to help wearers who love sports such as driving, golf to protect the eyes and enhance their performance.

Clip on

Clip on sunglasses are a combination of eyeglass and sunglasses with two layers of lenses. You can regard it as normal rx eyeglasses while taking off the outside layer. When you go outside, clip on will do the same job as sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays when you flip up the outside lenses.


Due to rimless design, rimless sunglasses are so lightweight that many sports enthusiasts are likely to buy rimless sunglasses. Also rimless sunglasses come in different colors and become a current fashion styles.


With the large lenses and frame, wraparound sunglasses can cover eyes and more area surrounding eyes as goggles do. Besides, thanks to the wraparound design, they prevent damaging UV rays from getting in through the sides, top and bottom of them.


Oversized sunglasses first got attention in the 1960’s when Jackie Onassis worn them. Now an increasing number of people are interested in wearing them, especially women. Oversized sunglasses in retro style are so popular that many people are sported wearing them in 2011.

Top Celebrities as Spokesman for Typical Sunglasses

June 23rd, 2011

Many famous celebrities worldwide are the enthusiasts for sunglasses. As there are an array of sunglasses with different designs and color, celebrities have different preference to different sunglasses. Top celebrities are crazy about some certain types of sunglasses and become the spokesman for their favorite type.

Lady GagaRound Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a star that is really making a bold fashion statement, most people will point you right to Lady Gaga. She often gives us a shock by her distinctive clothing, not to mention her fashionable and special glasses that become one part of her identity. Among those sunglasses, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of round sunglasses and makes contribution to the popularity of round sunglasses. Nowadays, round sunglasses are a modern deduction of the original classic. Since lady gaga always wear them, they are popularized and come back to the fashion world. At present, round sunglasses have a cool vintage look and become more and more rectangular.

Paris HiltonOversize Sunglasses

There is no doubt that a lot of A-list celebrities wear oversized sunglasses such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and many others. Among them, Paris is a huge fan of oversized sunglass, which made this trend very popular. Her signature sunglass look is definitively retro, oversized, and chic, which make her look pretty glamorous.

Tom CruiseAviator Sunglasses

When it comes to aviator sunglasses, we easily remember Tom Cruise wear aviator sunglasses in the action movie “Top Gun”, which did a lot to raise the visibility of Aviators with another entire generation. Also known as “Pilot shades, aviator sunglasses were specially designed to protect pilots fight against harmful rays. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eye socket, and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. As the spokesman for aviator sunglasses, Tom Cruise is often sported wearing aviator sunglasses which make him look hot and cool.

Aviator Sunglasses- Icons of Men’s Style

June 14th, 2011

There are a great number of dazzling goods displayed in the counter. What kind of products or goods can be called icon especially for men? A menswear icon maybe is a suit of clothes, a pair of shoes or a watch with limited edition. No matter what kind it is, a menswear icon is a staple of the male wardrobe that has held this position over years and years. I am here to share one of the very classic icons with you, aviator sunglasses. I personally think that there is no other thing, which can surpass it then become the icon of men. In 1986’s Top Gun student fighter pilots played by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer competed to be the best in their class. Maybe it is hard for people or fans to imitate their clothes-flying suits for much of the film. However, the aviator sunglasses in that film sparked massive worldwide sales from then on.

Unisex metal full rim Aviator wrap-around Rx sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses also attract most people’s eyes in other films before and since. In the Spirit of St Louis about Charles Lindbergh’s pioneering trans-Atlantic flight, James Stewart wore a similar style; in Easy Rider, Peter Fonda also wore aviator sunglasses. Moreover, in several later period pieces, aviator sunglasses also win much glory, for example, in 13 Days, in Almost Famous and Pearl Harbor. All these film make promote it to be the top classic item.

Unisex metal full frame Aviator wrap-around Rx sunglasses

Due to these classic movies, fashion may have take note of the style. However, as to the film designer, they just pursue the authenticity of film’s costume. Now, as the times gone by, aviator sunglasses have been changed a lot from functions to styles, but they are mainly express the men’s masculine. Nowadays, aviator sunglasses can offer a clear field of vision and minimize the ultraviolet and infrared radiation for Air Force pilots. This commission was effectively responsible for the Ray-Ban company being established. In 1935 the military designated the style it helped to create as the Type D-1; the first time Aviators went on sale to the public was in 1936, when Ray-Ban was formed.

Generally speaking, aviator sunglasses change with the times, which will win more glory among man and become the classic icon eternally.

Tips for People Having Long Eyelashes to Choose Sunglasses

June 9th, 2011

A lot of women are in desperate desire to have long eyelashes that make them look gorgeous. However, people including men and women may find it annoying when their long eyelashes touch the lenses of their sunglasses, which make them uncomfortable. So with long eyelashes, those people may find it a little bit difficult to find suitable sunglasses. Here I’d like to share two types of sunglasses that are suitable for people who have long eyelashes as follows:

Oversized sunglasses-Oversized sunglasses are so popular that we can see a lot of people including famous celebrities and common people wear oversized sunglasses. Due to the large lenses, there is more space between the eyelashes and the lenses, which ensure the eyelashes not to touch the lenses. However, if you think the oversized sunglasses are not suitable for you because of your small face shape although they can prevent the eyelashes from touching the lenses. In fact, many celebrities who have small face pursue oversized sunglasses. Take Nicole Ritchie as an example. She always wears oversized sunglass to match her entire outfit, which makes her look glamorous and gorgeous.

Plastic Sunglasses Plastic Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses-Aviator sunglass is anther type sunglass for people having long eyelashes. Although aviator sunglasses are rounded, they are not completely round as traditional sunglasses. They are a little bit long, which also offer more space between your eyelashes and the lenses. In addition, with the ever-growing rise of popularity of aviator sunglasses, more and more women, not only men, are addicted to aviator sunglasses. So aviator sunglasses play an irreplaceable role in many people’s fashionable wardrobe.

Plastic EyeglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Generally speaking, the oversized sunglass and aviator sunglasses are quite suitable for people to prevent their long eyelashes from touching the lenses of sunglasses. What’s more, they can make a fashionable statement and get good eye protection with the help of them.