Fashion Sunglasses For Men and Women in the Season of 2011

August 11th, 2011 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

It is a fact universally acknowledged that sunglasses are worn for more than just eye protection these days. They also serve as fashion accessories. And often times, their fashion value even rides over the functionality to become the top priority factor considered by most consumers when they are purchasing sunglasses. Either in the case of fashion sunglasses for men or women, there has been numerous exciting new trends and styles propping out season after season. And choosing the right pair could sometimes be a real headache, especially when one doesn’t have that whole lot of time to get familiar with every style and brand that’s out there. Here, we list some of the hottest and most buzzed about fashion sunglasses for women and men in 2011 so as to nudge you in the right direction in your sunglasses shopping confusion.

aviator sunglasses

In 2011, some of the classic and retro vintage looks have remained popular. Among others, aviators have proved a favorite among both the male and female populations. Although the classic and typical teardrop shape and thin wire frames have prevailed, there do exist quite a few new renovations that keep the classic style in vogue. Latest technologies in lenses like anti-reflective coating, upgrade these aviator sunglasses‘ functional capacity while little arrangements with the double bars or arms make them more sophisticated and intricate. The juxtaposition of macho and intricate revives the classic style, making them still popular in this season and surely a couple of more seasons to come.


Another style that’s enjoying an embrace among consumers is shield sunglass. These shades feature a single and complete lens without being separated by a bridge. Traditionally these shades were thought to represent that sporty look popular in late 20th century. Although sporty looks still have dedicated followers today, they are not particularly standing out this year. But what’s interesting about shield sunglasses is that with colored tints and metallic arms, they have been made much classier and they do have that futurist and party vibe to them. The futurist theme made popular by hip-pop turned electronic dance group Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 album The E.N.D and party girl theme made prevalent by newly emerged teen idols including Kesha and Katy Perry are sweeping the world like storms and have the fashion tides going alongside. Under this condition, we certainly can’t be mistaken if we say that those are only going to get more popular in the days to come.


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